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Riding The Storm Out . . .Protecting Your Home From Mother Nature’s Wrath

Biz X magazine April 2017 cover story - Riding The Storm Out . . .Protecting Your Home From Mother Nature’s Wrath

Riding The Storm Out . . .Protecting Your Home From Mother Nature’s Wrath

There is little doubt that the residents of Essex County have endured some of the most wicked weather events in recent history, over the past year. We have experienced damaging tornados, torrential rains and subsequent flooding, tropical storm force sustained winds, and of course the usual battering of freeze/thaw cycles as we transition from Arctic lows to scorching highs. This has definitely been a weather year for the record books in our region.

For many, the indication that severe weather may become a more common occurrence in our region is extremely unsettling. However, there are measures that we can take to better prepare ourselves.

One of the main ways of being protected, during these situations, is to ensure that our residences are able to provide us with safe efficient shelter from the exterior forces of nature. Every system within your home, from the below grade plumbing to the roof top, should be designed to protect you and your possessions from the disasters that can result from weather events.

It may be difficult for the average Joe to identify the vulnerable aspects of your home’s composition, so we have attempted to assist the loyal readers of Biz X by calling in the professionals!

The Windsor Essex County region is blessed to have a collection of knowledgeable contractors in all facets of construction. Our current gathering of experts now highlight — from top to bottom — ways to help your home stay safe and secure.

Taking It From The Top — The Roof

The most logical starting point in protecting one’s home from inclement weather begins with the roof.

Your roof is literally exposed to everything that Mother Nature can throw at it. It has to stand up to torrential rains, freezing cold, snow, ice, scorching heat, and high winds. In Essex County we can sometimes get all of the above during a single week!

Over the course of Dayus Roofing’s amazing 97 years in business at 5120 Halford Road, Windsor ( you can be sure that they have seen it all. Frank Dayus IV, President, has over 13 years of personal experience, on the topic, to draw upon.

Dayus indicates that when having a roof installed, one of the key ways to protect your home from potentially damaging weather events is to ensure you are hiring a reputable contractor.

In this day and age it is very easy to present yourself as professional with online marketing channels so easily accessible,” Dayus states. “Do your research, ask for references, proof of Workers’ Compensation insurance, and liability insurance. Customer protection goes beyond the roof installation.”

He continues, “From an installation perspective it is important to know the building code and follow it, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations.” He adds, “Ice and water shield should be installed at the critical areas and underlayment is recommended over the complete roof.”

It is a certainty that the recent wind storm (March 2017), experienced in our area, tested local roof installations to their limit. Yet, Dayus explains:“The recent wind storms exposed bad products and poor workmanship. There is a very fine line between a well-installed roof and a poorly applied system. The nailing zone is critical to a roof’s wind protection and if shingles are high nailed they can very easily blow off. Good products are able to cover up some of these errors; however, lesser products are doomed from the get-go if combined with a bad install.”

Dayus concludes, “I am happy to report that Dayus Roofing did not lose a single field tile, from the storm, on our roofs installed in the last eight to 10 years.”

Ensure The Doors Are Rock Solid

Of course we are all aware that our doors are integral in protecting our homes from invasion from those with bad intentions. We lock our doors to keep intruders out — but, have we really stopped everything we should from entering? Invasive weather can work through an improperly sealed or designed door, regardless of how many dead bolts you install.

In an effort to assist you in fully securing your home we spoke to Stephen Rock, Owner of Rocksolid Windows & Doors Ltd., 4215-1 Seventh Concession, Windsor (on the web: Rocksolid has been in business for the past 10 years and Rock has 13 years of personal experience in the field.

Rock advises that, “Evidence of daylight and air infiltration into the home, or signs of water damage, generally point to aged door products that require some attention.”

He elaborates by noting that new doors can help protect one’s home from extreme temperatures and weather as, “Many new door systems are designed with more robust weather stripping systems, better designed sills, and upgraded hardware features.”

According to Rock, new professionally installed doors can benefit the home owner financially as, “Air leakage (drafts) into the home is a leading problem for energy consumption, and well-used doors can be your greatest contributor to this. Besides air infiltration costing energy and dollars, older doors, which are not protecting the home, may also be causing water damage to your floors or substructures.”

During the process of removing older doors for replacement Rock states, “We often see signs of water damage and sometimes even major damage to the wood subfloor and floor joists. When this occurs it must be removed and rebuilt to solidify the house structure to accept the new door.”

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