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Rino Bortolin To Seek Reelection in Ward 3

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Rino Bortolin To Seek Reelection in Ward 3

‘The safety and security of our neighbourhoods is my number one priority’

Ward 3 Councillor Rino Bortolin has announced his reelection campaign and unveil his platform at a press conference in downtown Windsor.

Bortolin unveiled a campaign platform Wednesday morning that forsakes frills for focused initiatives promoting active transportation, safer neighbourhoods and compassionate, community-based solutions to the homelessness and opioid epidemics.

“The safety and security of our neighbourhoods is my priority and we can achieve real, lasting results with targeted funding and creative strategies. My first term saw many successful initiatives, whether it be as small as our alley light campaign or the significant Community Improvement Plan that has resulted in millions of dollars in downtown investment, my record is strong, but there is much more work to be done.” – Rino Bortolin

Money council has earmarked for a pedestrian tunnel — some $2.4 million — should instead be used for more pressing security and social issues, said Bortolin. A total of $400,000 should be used for an Alley Safety and Security Fund and the remaining $2 million should be used to combat homelessness and opioid abuse. Bortolin called for the immediate hiring of seven outreach workers and for discussions around creating a “Social Navigator” position.

Bortolin supports the creation of an active transportation and infrastructure fund that would focus on cycling, pedestrian safety and crosswalks while promoting the use of improved public transit. In support of stronger, more connected neighbourhoods, Bortolin advocates the creation of a neighbourhood coordinator position, a Vacant Lot Incentive program and a long-term community gardens plan.

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