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“Not Paying Rent” The Story of Robin Bird

"Not Paying Rent" The Story of Robin Bird

“Not Paying Rent” The Story of Robin Bird

Ms. Robin Bird built a nest on our patio awning taking up 25 sq inches and is currently residing rent free! Stay tuned for daily photo updates in the “Not Paying Rent” saga.

Day 1 – May 5, 2018 – Ms. Robin Bird (Turdus migratorius) has laid the groundwork to live rent free atop our patio awning.


Day 2 – Ms. Robin Bird hatches her plan. Mr. Bird was nowhere to be found. Probably passing out cigars and partying like an animal!

Day 3 – On day 3 Mr. Bird returned home to help with feeding duties. Mr. and Ms Bird are flying in and out non-stop with tiny worms.

Day 4 – It’s a bit hard to tell but they are getting bigger. Eyes and beaks are starting to take form. The brood is filling up the nest a bit more. Meals include larger worms and slugs. 

Day 5- The three youngsters are cozy and growing, continuing to fill up the nest. Colours are starting to become more prevalent. It’s going to start getting crowded in there.

Day 6 – Ms. Robin Bird has brought home take out for the youngster’s lunch. Their wings are starting to develop and feathers continue to come in.

Day 7 – Eyes wide open! Wings look twice as big as yesterday!

Day 8 – Today all three early birds posed for today’s photo! They are starting to poke their head out of the nest to look around.

Day 9 – Mother’s Day edition. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there including Ms Robin Bird.

Day 10 – The youngsters are very active in their nest. They are standing up and flapping their wings and moving around in close quarters.

Day 11 – Robin Bird was captured here doing some house cleaning. Meanwhile the youngsters are getting adventurous and standing up to exercise their wings and preening their feathers.

Day 12 – Ms Robin Bird and Mr. Bird are still constantly feeding the youngsters during the day. They are also standing up and flapping their wings getting ready for that first fall. At night they are on their own. The nest looks to be pretty much at capacity. Ms. Bird should have looked a building a three level back split.

Day 13 – Today we had the Biz X Private Investigator on scene to shoot some video for the pending lawsuit for back rent vs Ms Robin Bird. Kids are Doing Alright! Also, the first youngster has got out of the nest to go walkabout.

Day 14 – This morning the first youngster flew (kinda) the coupe crash landing on a window sill. He stayed there for a bit and then took off leaving his two bros behind.


Day 15 – Well the long ongoing dispute with Ms. Robin Bird has ended. She and all three youngsters have moved out. Moe took off yesterday and Larry and Curly split this morning.

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