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Save Time, Save Money With Vans LTL Courier

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Save Time, Save Money With Vans LTL Courier

Just weeks ago, seismic shockwaves tore through the North American retail world with the announced closure of 100 department stores nationwide by Macy’s. This is just another example in the growing trend of the effects that online shopping is having on traditional brick and mortar retail stores.

One looks no further than the enormous growth of Cyber Monday following the traditional Black Friday in November each year, to see how much of an impact online shopping has had on the traditional retail market.

Windsor and Essex County residents have a number of options available to them when shopping online in terms of shipping and receiving their goods. For example, for years, many have arranged to have their American purchases shipped to a relative or friend in Michigan where they would pick the goods up and bring them back to Canada. In recent years, a Detroit-based company, Detroit Mailbox at 1001 Brush Street in the downtown core was established to provide the same type of service for Canadians who otherwise did not want to bother their Michigan-based relatives and friends. U.S. goods ordered online can be shipped to the downtown Detroit address where they are then picked up for a small fee and brought over to Canada.

Larger online retailers (Amazon, for example) avail themselves of the United States Parcel Service (USPS) or one of the many international couriers such as DHL Express, FedEx, Purolator, United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) to transport purchases to Canada. These couriers are equipped to handle the customs brokerage needs in addition to the shipping of the goods. This frequently adds additional cost to the consumers bottom line.

Here in Windsor we have another option available to us for those online goods purchased abroad. Vans LTL Courier (Vans), 3049 Devon Drive ( maintains a shipping/receiving depot working out of 14300 Henn Road in Dearborn, Michigan where your online purchases can be shipped to and then brought over by Vans with a one day guarantee for delivery.

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