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Scotiabank and ECMU Kick-Off Motorcycle Season

Scotia Bank

With the motorcycle riding season kicking off soon, Scotiabank in the Ambassador Plaza, held a  baked goods sale fund raiser for the Emergency Care Motorcycle Unit (ECMU).

The Scotiabank staff hoped that the proceeds would allow them to add a Defibrillator to the ECMU. The staff was so successful in their efforts, that the funds they raised, $3800, allowed them to present 2 Defibrillators to ECMU.

Established in December 2015, ECMU is a group of six volunteers who train

Scotia Bank
Benda Martinello from Scotiabank (center) with ECMU

all year long to be First Aid Responders for all group Motorcycle Rides like” Ride for Dad” and the “Bob Probert Ride” as well as other crowd-gathering events. Each of them is fully trained as Emergency First Aid responders.

Combining their medical aid skills with their passion for motorcycleriding, ECMU follows behind these charity rides and can offer first responder first aid assistance when necessary to participants until EMS Windsor Essex attend on the scene.

In attendance at today’s presentation of the two Defibrillators by Scotiabank branch manager (Ambassador Plaza), Brenda Martinello, was James Ridout, ECMU CEO and Training Officer, who was joined by his ECMU team members.

Feature photo: Scotiabank Staff

Joe talks with Emergency Care Motorcycle Unit (ECMU) CEO And Training Officer, James Ridout with Scotiabank Branch Manager (Ambassador Plaza), Brenda Martinello.

Story, photos and video by Joe McParland.

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