Social Media: Be YOU & Stay YOU!


Social Media: Be YOU & Stay YOU!

I will never forget that about a month ago, as I was scrolling down my social media posts in my feed, I happened to notice someone saying “I only have 100 followers” and she followed it with a sad emoji.

The first thing that went through my mind was that she has believed the lie that her worth is based upon a silly number on a computer screen. Second thing is I wanted her to realize was that 100 people are interested in what she was doing. She was already thinking in the negative.

I hear stories about people who are obsessed with “likes”, that they feel if they don’t get any, they are not liked or popular. This is another lie. Social media can really affect someone in a negative way if they are more focused on what they are hoping for, rather than doing things because they want to.

Who are you doing it for?

Here is an example. I post tweets every single day. My main mission is to help someone through my writing. When I read the comments, it brings a smile to my face, because I am doing something right.

Aim for doing something that is contributing to the world. It is my connection with my audience that is most important to me. It is about me helping them. That is my primary focus.

When I share my photos, I am not always clean-shaven; I have a 5 o’clock shadow. I post my picture because it’s me. I don’t have to be clean-shaven to be loved and admired. I already love who I am.

It all starts with validating yourself first. It is your confidence that will draw the attention of others.

If you are doing something for likes or approval, then it seems you are asking them for validation. You are indirectly telling them that you will be happy only if they “like” and accept you. If that is what you are doing it for, then you should not be on social media, because it can hurt your mental health in the long run.

If you are going to be on there, then do it because you are happy with what you are doing. You don’t need likes to tell you how wonderful and special you are. You always will be. You will always be unique and loved.

Share your passions with the world on social media, but only if it makes you happy on the inside. Do not worry about the outside. When happiness is internal it will never matter what people say to you.

One thing I have learned about social media is that it can bring happiness and sadness too, if you are not careful.

People can be cruel and mean to others, but if you are happy with yourself and love what you are doing, then PLEASE DO NOT QUIT. There will always be that someone who hates to see others happy.

Never be offended by the words of unkind people because the truth is, they are in a dark place. They don’t hate you, they hate themselves, because no happy person goes around and gets enjoyment out of hurting others.

The most important thing I want you to remember; it is not about how many followers you have, but the impact you have on someone’s life. It does not matter if you have 100, 1,000,100,000, or 200,000 followers. You can have 10 followers, but if you are helping them or making them happy, then you should be proud of yourself.

If you don’t have any followers, so what? How does this change who you are? It doesn’t one bit. Don’t be fooled by social media.

Sometimes, taking a break from social media can actually be beneficial for your mental health. You can revaluate things or decide to make changes.

Social media can be fun, but it should not consume your whole day. You should continue to be as productive with your goals, and keep making substantial progress in your life, while maintaining your responsibilities.

I have a rule when I am with family, friends or having a conversation with someone —and that is, my phone is away from me. I give my undivided attention to the people I am with. I find it insulting if a person is checking their phone every second when someone is talking to them, or when they are in a gathering as their attention is on something or someone else.

Social media is not worth risking your life, let alone someone else’s.

“The Happy song makes me happy.” Those were the last words a 32 year old woman said before slamming her car head on into a truck, killing her instantly.

She took a selfie saying those words and posted it on her social media, not paying attention to the road. It cost her life and it could have cost someone theirs.

I know I love to motivate people and make you feel happier, but I tell you this, because I do not want you to follow the same path. Your life is so valuable and precious. Keep your phones away from you when you are driving. If you are walking while you talk, then keep your head up. If you must text or post something, please sit down and do it.

I see people glued to their screens all the time — even when they are walking. Nothing is worth risking your life for, unless it is helping or saving someone. Always remember, your worth is determined by how you think and feel about yourself. Social media can be helpful as you can reach out to so many. So always focus on the positive side and the positive people on there.

Keep being you and do not change who you are one bit in order to fit in. You are fine just the way you are. You will always be loved and lovable.

So just remember, you can’t stop the way others respond to you, but you CAN ALWAYS respond to yourself with love, acceptance and kindness. BE YOU AND STAY YOU!

God bless you. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a legend!

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Danny Gautama
Danny Gautama has been in the fitness industry over 25 years and is a local author. He writes inspirational and motivational articles for mental health organizations after overcoming his own struggles. In addition to Biz X magazine, he also has been a guest blogger for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, and was featured in the Windsor Star. He currently lives in Windsor and is working on an inspirational book. Reach him by emailing: [email protected]