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Spee-Dee Auto Wash, Rinse, Repeat To Success!

Arms Bumanlag, Biz X magazine

Spee-Dee Auto Wash – Wash, Rinse, Repeat To Success! A Past Biz X Award Winner Shines.

The automobile. The car. Your home on wheels. It can get dirty . . . for many of us, including myself, we rely on our vehicles to get us from point A to point B, on a daily basis.

Often I will “live” in my car when I have busy days between radio and TV with several shows to do between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., hosting and emceeing events, meeting and dealing with clients and making time for lunch and the gym.

My car is a home on wheels most days for me, so you can imagine that my car — and parents you would have to agree— can get really dirty very quickly.

This issue we are focusing on the 2015 Biz X Awards. This is the 18th installment of these annual awards that highlight the best of the best in the business community.

As your emcee this year and the winner of the Biz X Award for “Pilot of the Airwaves” in 2007, I thought it would be great to go “Back to the Past” and check in with another Biz X Award winner for this edition.

The year is 2004 and the category is “Suds R Us,” highlighting the best auto detailing centre/car wash in Windsor Essex. Owner Greg Glenn from Spee-Dee Auto Wash & Car Care Centre walked away with the hardware — and his business continues to evolve and thrive ever since the win.

If you’ve traveled down Wyandotte Street at Langlois Avenue and wondered why there was a line up in the alleyway behind the 7-11, Spee-Dee Auto Wash is the reason.

The location has been serving Windsor and surrounding area since 1929, with Greg and his family just celebrating their 27th year at the auto wash on September 28 of this year.

For Glenn, it’s been a long time, but it’s always been a family affair. “After graduating from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Arts in economics, I just knew I couldn’t work for someone else,” he recalls.

“I approached my father, who was still working for Ford Motor Company and he co-signed the existing mortgage on the business at 14.5 percent in 1988.”

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