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HAVE A CUP OF JOE WITH JOE – Steve “Beller” Bell — A Nice Guy Who Still Finishes First

The calendar had just flipped from February to March when 41 year veteran of radio, Steve Bell (“Beller”) of AM800 CKLW, found out he would not be reporting for work the next day. He was given no warning or heads up. His job had been eliminated; he had been let go.

No chance to say goodbye to the thousands of Windsor Essex folks who invited Bell into their homes daily over the past four decades.

No chance to say goodbye to colleagues.

No chance for his followers to say goodbye to him and to thank him for being Beller — both on radio and in the community.

Welcome to the brutally cold and heartless world of corporate restructuring.

Beller was left breathless by the news, but courageously finished his 41 year marathon and crossed the finish line with class and dignity. But he soon found out that what he had really crossed was not a finish line, but a starting line for some exciting new adventures for both him and others in our community.

Goran Todorovic knows a winner when he sees one. His real estate brokerage confirms this fact. On March 4, 2021 in a media release, his business, Team Goran RE/MAX CARE Realty, issued the following . . .

“Goran Todorovic, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX CARE Realty & Team Leader of Team Goran has been recognized by RE/MAX World Headquarters as the #1 Owner Team in all of Canada, which honours the high-achieving real estate teams for their service to buyers and/or sellers during the past year. This is the highest team achievement in the RE/MAX network.” (And, further on) “Team Goran actively supports our community through the Team Goran CARES program, spotlighting local businesses with the Team Goran CARE Ambassador, Steve Bell.”

Todorovic’s monumental achievement of reaching #1 in national status and 27th worldwide with RE/MAX, included both the number of transactions and the number of commissions earned in 2020. But the savvy businessman that he is, Todorovic shared this moment in the spotlight and used this announcement to introduce the latest member of his team — Beller — the newly appointed CARE Ambassador.

A 32 year veteran in the real estate business, Todorovic explains the addition of Beller to his team this way: “We called ourselves RE/MAX CARE Realty because we really do care. It is more than just words, it’s actions. The CARE Ambassador is a new and evolving position with us. Up to now, Beller has been one of Windsor’s most recognizable voices in the community. Now his face will become just as recognizable as we help businesses and families survive the next little while until we reclaim our normality — whatever that may be.”

A Team Goran videographer will accompany Beller as he promotes, highlights, and assists local businesses throughout the community.

Growing up in Kincardine, Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron, since the age of seven Beller knew he wanted to be in radio. From the mid to late 1960s he and his three older sisters fought his parents for radio time. The parents listened to CKNX in Wingham for local news and memoriams, while he and his siblings tuned into “The Big 8” CKLW out of Windsor and Detroit. These were the glory days of “The Big 8” with radio personalities like “Super” Max Kinkel, Johnny Williams, Tom Shannon, Charlie O’Brien, Gary “Morning Mouth” Burbank, “Brother” Bill Gable and Byron MacGregor, just to name a few.

Beller admits to loving sports, but being a lousy athlete. Even after all the charity golf tournaments he has participated in, he considers himself a scratch golfer happy to break 100.

As a young teenager playing road hockey with his buddies, he could also be heard doing “play by play” of the action on the street — foreshadowing his future. He would even attempt the national anthem beforehand.

Even though Beller saw his dream job as a DJ in radio, after graduating from high school he worked for a year back home at what was then known as Bruce Nuclear Power Development, to save enough money for his future schooling. He then moved to Toronto and enrolled in Humber College in Public Relations.

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