The Suit Shop Co. Ltd – Biz of the Month February 2017

The Suit Shop Co. Ltd - Biz of the Month February 2017

Feature photo: Lazaros Dimitriou poses for a photo inside his new business on Erie Street East, where he provides professional custom designs and tailoring for local men. Photo by Rebecca Wright

In today’s very visual culture, appearance and perception are paramount. And according to local style and fashion guru Lazaros Dimitriou, nothing looks better than well-tailored clothing.

“I believe it makes the garments look better,” says Dimitriou, Owner of The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., ( adding “a well-dressed man is like having good manners” — a quote by famous designer Tom Ford that still resonates with him. The Suit Shop is a custom men’s clothing and lifestyle company that specializes in providing custom fit, chic and trendy styles, and fashion-forward craftsmanship. Dimitriou is committed to building confidence in his customers through his professional attention to detail and design.

“The clothing they purchase from me and the way I tailor it makes the garment look good and makes them feel good wearing it,” vows Dimitriou.

“They are guaranteed that it will be the best fitting suit they own.” The Suit Shop opened in December 2016 in the heart of the Windsor’s little Italy at 593 Erie Street East.

“I saw the demand for a tweaked look on the classic scene here in Windsor,” explains Dimitriou. “People believe that there is a demand here in Windsor, and that there is no variety of good quality formal men’s clothing. It’s a monopoly, and people want something different and a personable experience.” Offering clients only the best ready-made products and custom solutions is something Dimitriou firmly believes. His business boasts only top-of-the-line materials, with fabrics coming from as far as Italy and Turkey.

“My goal is to provide the dapper gentleman with great-looking clothing that suits their body type,” Dimitriou indicates. And he says patrons can anticipate a unique shopping experience every time they step through the doors. At The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., you’re always greeted with a hospitable welcome, says Dimitriou, with refreshments and sweets — including espresso, coffee and chocolate — provided with every visit and fashion consultation. He asserts that it’s this “more personal experience” that sets him apart from other similar businesses. “I want to provide a unique shopping experience for new and existing clients in the area,” states Dimitriou.

“Through the process of helping gentlemen learn and feel great about themselves, I want to educate them in helping them find clothing that’s just right for their body.”

In the early 1990s, Dimitriou was working part-time at Devonshire Mall and this marked the start of his career in the fashion field. He went on to attain a Diploma in Fashion and Merchandising, Retail Marketing and Management from Fanshawe College, then managed several retail stores in Windsor. Dimitriou then headed overseas and took over several significant retail arms in Greece, where he had a variety of leadership roles.

After coming back to Canada and working in tailoring in Toronto for some time, he finally returned to Windsor to establish The Suit Shop and showcase his passion for well-fitted and tailored clothing. Today, with more than two decades of experience in the industry, Dimitriou offers extensive fashion and retail knowledge to men in Windsor Essex. Dimitriou’s goals for 2017 are to break into the wedding market, while breaking up the monopoly (and monotony) of the shopping experience and continuing to get the word out about The Suit Shop Co. Ltd. by building relationships with his clients, getting to know them, and understanding their lifestyle needs.

Although The Suit Shop hasn’t been open for long, the reception from the community has already been great and very positive, reports Dimitriou. He is proud to offer luxurious high-end business suits and accessories. Plus, to further the personal experience Dimitriou is determined to provide, his business offers fittings, monogramming, custom shirts, made-tomeasure suits and wedding party packages.

It’s all about the client and their needs at The Suit Shop, and it always will be, he stresses.

“I want to make sure they know they look good and their fit is just right,” Dimitriou describes. “They walk out of The Suit Shop not only 100 percent satisfied, but a walking billboard for my business!”

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