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Sunrise Bakery Rises To Meet Customer Demand

Arms Bumanlag, Biz X magazine


I was never a dessert guy. There I said it.

I enjoy a hearty meal, bring on the appetizers and a few drinks, but rarely do I indulge in dessert afterwards. Usually just a coffee and that’s about it. Even when growing up, the concept of dessert never really appealed to me.

This has changed however, in the last year. Recently, my mother-in-law brought a huge tray of desserts from a bakery I heard about, but never actually checked out — Sunrise Bakery on Tecumseh Road at Moy in central Windsor (their main location).

After we ate at a family gathering she set down this tray and it looked amazing with the widest selection of baked pieces of heaven — from macaroons to cannoli to cookies to tarts. Then I saw it. The one dessert I absolutely love, the one sweet treat that brings me to my knees like Superman facing kryptonite . . . a pecan butter tart.

I thought “how good could this be?” as I reached for it among the cornucopia of desserts. I was blown away at the freshness, taste, texture and flavour of the tart. I was hooked. I was now a “Dessert Guy!”

Now, at any family get together, my mother-in-law brings a specific pecan butter tart just for me and my mouth waters. I wondered, now that I am addicted to this, how someone could make a delicious treat so perfectly?

I decided to visit Sunrise Bakery and chat with Owner/Operator Ali Bazzi. As soon as I walked into the shop the smell of fresh baked goods was wafting through the air. Sunrise offers some of the finest selections of pastries, pies, cookies, biscotti, cheese cakes, truffles and bread.

“Our cakes and pastries are made with care and attention to detail by our team of highly qualified and talented bakers and pastry chefs — we use only the best ingredients and that shows in the tastes and the quality of our products,” boasts Bazzi.

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