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Team Brunelle – Windsor’s Own “Karate Kids”

Team Brunelle - Windsor’s Own “Karate Kids”

Team Brunelle – Windsor’s Own “Karate Kids”

Quietly tucked away in a former church structure at 540 Old Tecumseh Road in Lakeshore, Ontario is a 2,000 square foot haven for young and old who wish to develop their physical and personal skills in a safe, positive and challenging environment.

Brunelle Family Martial Arts (BFMA) was established by Brian Brunelle in 2004. He is a past Biz X award winner in 2008 for “The Martial Arts Instructor That Kicks Butt,” but this is just one of his many accomplishments as you will soon learn.

Benefiting from the tutelage of the legendary Michael Bernardo, Brunelle is a 5th degree black belt instructor. The key message he imparts to the approximate 100 students who range in age from three years old to senior adults is “self-defence over self-offence.”

These are committed students who often spend two to three hours a day, five days a week, honing their skills, and then frequently participate in competitive tournaments on Saturdays. The martial arts experience he provides helps develop their values of respect, discipline, confidence and self-reliance.

Renshi (Instructor) Brunelle is an impressive and engaging person with a Zen-like calmness and depth about him. He is the type of person I would want with me if I’m ever on a plane that is being hijacked. His positive leadership style is evident in the respect he commands and receives from his students.

According to Brunelle, BFMA black belt instructors teach a Canadian style of karate that “is a combination of tradition and competition based styles. It is a very fast and powerful martial arts form that requires each student’s desire, effort and getting commitment to excel. The martial arts styles included are: Japanese (Shotokan); Okinawan (Go-Ju Ryu, Isshin Ryu) and Shorinji-Ryu.”

Over the years BFMA has competed in martial arts tournaments across Canada, throughout the United States and in Europe in the largest martial arts organizations such as the WKC, NMAC, MSKC, NASKA, NBL, WKA and Great Lakes Karate Circuits.

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