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Tecumseh Mayor Talks Mega Hospital with Biz X

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Tecumseh Mayor Talks to Biz X about the Mega Hospital

At Wednesday night’s Essex County Council Meeting, Tecumseh Mayor, Gary McNamara raised concerns under ‘new business’ about the local groups who are still vocalizing their dissent with the final site selection for the new acute care hospital for Windsor Essex. Though these groups appear to represent a minority view, they are dogged in their determination and persistent in their longevity.

McNamara points out that there has been a recent spike in their vocalization of their opposition. He was reacting to a number of recent meetings, comments by the group reported in local news media.

The Tecumseh Mayor is adamant that the site selection at CR 42 and Conc. 9 is final, and not open for debate. He points to the non-partisan nature of the selection committee, the endorsement of their decision by outgoing Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, during his December 2017 visit to Windsor, and the decision by both Windsor City Council (one dissenter) and the unanimous decision of Essex County Council (unanimous consent) to support the project.

McNamara’s concerns were debated briefly by the council who, in the past, as in the present, have unanimously voiced support in moving the project forward.

Deputy Mayor Gordon Queen from Kingsville followed with a notice of motion requesting that Essex County Council reassert its unanimous support for the project. It will be dealt with at the next County council meeting on May 2nd.. 

A friendly amendment was accepted to the motion to include touching base with Windsor City Council and enlisting their support as well.

After the meeting concluded, I caught up with McNamara for a brief discussion on his concerns.

Story and video by Joe McParland.

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