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Tough Times Don’t Last, but CHAMPIONS like you do!


Tough Times Don’t Last, but CHAMPIONS like you do! NEVER GIVE UP!

Looking back in my life and remembering how far I have come, recalling that only a few years ago I was sitting at rock bottom. I had no direction, no path and believed I had no purpose. I thought to myself, how can things get any better from here? What was I going to do?

There were many reasons that popped into my vulnerable mind, to give up and just exist rather than living a fulfilling life.

My mind was overshadowed with cloudy, gloomy and depressing thoughts. However, with so many reasons to quit, there was a tiny thought in my mind. It may not have been as powerful as my cruel and unkind negative thoughts were, but this tiny thought had the significance to make the loudest noise that not even my negative thoughts could wipe out.

It kept repeating over and over in my mind three simple words that kept me going. Three simple words that today, I look back and thank myself for listening to. Three simple words that helped me find my path, my direction, but more importantly my happiness. Those three words….NEVER GIVE UP!

As much as I felt like, at times, I couldn’t keep going, I truly believed that there was something good in the future, despite my negative thoughts. I knew it was very easy to give up … but what if I push through? What if I never gave up? What will my future look like?

I am proud to say, I became a better, stronger, more resilient and fearless person. I am doing immensely well in my life and I have found the true happiness I was so longing for. All because I never gave up.

You see my friends, when you never give up, you are separating yourself from the ones who give up too soon.

You must ask yourself the same questions I asked myself.

I am here to tell you, it will not be easy. Because if you decide not to quit, then prepare for a battle. Resisting life’s struggle takes effort, work and dedication. But, if you are seeking happiness and success, just as much as you need air to breathe, then I know you will make it through.

Here are some truths you need to know about YOU:

As a human being you have the power and capability to do whatever you want. The only thing that can stop you is yourself and your thoughts.

Letting your negative thoughts take over is a sure way of giving up. It takes a special person to never quit. You can be happy. You can be successful. Put the “can” in your sentences, and one day you will replace it with “I DID”.

You are closer than you think

Think about how far you have come. Are you really going to give up now? All that hard work you put in … all the time and energy you spent trying to get ahead in your life.
It becomes harder before it becomes easier. Like I said, it takes a special person to never give up. You are going to get there. You are at the point of no return. You are in the middle of battle. Warriors fight battles. You are that warrior. So continue the fight and if you never give up, you will eventually win the war.

This goes for those who are embarking on their journey. Even if you just started, you are already getting closer than you were a week ago. So keep going.

You will fail at some point in your life

I am not trying to discourage you. I am telling you facts. Failure is going to happen. Success and happiness does not come without any type of setbacks.

The thing about failure is that it has the ability to become your enemy or your friend. If you let it become your enemy, then you are giving it the power to stop you and make you quit. It can discourage you, make you feel like you are a failure and then it sends the negative thoughts to take over the rest.

If you make failure your friend, then let the failure help guide you, help you learn and become a better version of yourself. Let it become a platform to your ultimate success and happiness.

Every champion in the world will experience failure, including you. But it is the effort of trying over and over again with a determined, persistent and fighting heart that will make you rise above the darkness with your arms raised in the air.

Do not make failure your enemy. The only real enemy is quitting.

You are a TALENT. Use it.

Oh yes you are. There is something in you that has inner power. Every one of us excels at something. But the ones who are tenacious will use it to their advantage. They will never give up because they believe they can do it.

Never hide your secret powers. If there is something you are great at that you may want to make a living out of it, then do it. No one is going to stop you. As long as you are tenacious and hungry for challenges and thirsty enough to succeed, you will be unstoppable, but more importantly, unbreakable.

So many people underestimate how strong they are. Let me give you an example. People with depression tend to think they are worthless and weak. Yet these are the same champions that have coped, endured and fought a battle that no one knows about. They still get through the day. Does that make them weak or worthless? Nope. These are strong, wonderful people who have gone through so much, but still go on fighting.

We as human s have the power to cope and endure so many hits and blows from life. Start to realize that you are in fact stronger than you think. There are no challenges, no stumbling blocks, no problems bad enough to make you quit. It is how you process such difficulties that will determine how far you can go.
You are a fighter

Think about it, when you are not quitting you are resisting .You are making it harder for your problems to take over your life.

That’s what depression and anxiety wants. They want you to quit. They want the power over you and your life.

You and your life are worth it. You must continue to fight for your happiness. Yes it’s tough. But you are tougher. You have endured so much. Doesn’t that make you extraordinary? Problems don’t last, but champions like you do.

All you need to do is make small improvements every day. Be better than you were yesterday.

You owe it to God.

God loves you and gave you life. We are obliged to live it and learn his valuable lessons about struggle. He never created you so you can give up. We owe it to him to live a happy life. If he wanted you to quit, then he would not have bothered giving you life. Realize that God created problems for you to endure, cope and become stronger. So become stronger, by never giving up and you will become powerful.

In this one lifetime you can choose the way you want to live, but giving up will NEVER give you the life you want to have. So live like a winner, like a champion. Welcome the good and the not so good in life. There is nothing you can’t face and overcome and when you realize this you will truly know why you must not, should not and cannot ever, give up.

God bless you and take car. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a Legend.

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