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Travelling on a Budget

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Youth Matters – Travelling on a Budget

Travelling is never easy, especially when you’re on a budget. As a college student, I wish to see the world and cross many things off my bucket list before my life takes off. Meaning, before I have to settle down into a career, I would like to take life by the reigns and see places I haven’t seen before. 

This summer, my boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Niagara Falls for a couple days. With both of us working through the summer and as we are both going back to school in September, travelling doesn’t seem very realistic. That’s why we chose to travel, but on a budget. 

As we have been planning our first vacation together, here are some tips that we followed. 

When we decided to book our vacation, we let the deals choose the destination. It’s a lot cheaper to go wherever the best deal is rather than to pick and choose where to go and search for deals with that specific place. Most of the time, big tourist attractions increase their costs during the summer. 

Always book in advance, way in advance. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea as prices can skyrocket. There is also a high demand closer to the end of the summer. People usually start to save for their vacation starting in the summer because a lot of last minute plans come into play at this time. There is also lots of deals with hotel and vacationing spots that go unnoticed. 

If there is a pass that has attractions, BUY IT. It is much easier to pay for a set of attractions than separately. Manage your money. Everything may look great to buy, but will it really be worth it to spend loads of money on souvenirs? Make sure when you’re buying souvenirs, you get them for a good price. Set a price limit, this may be easier said than done but the more money you manage, the less stressful your trip will be in the long run. 

Always have a Plan B. If something goes south and was not what you planned it’s easier to go with the flow rather than stress yourself out over what you can’t control. One thing to plan for a is having emergency money. Missing your train or coming across an unseen hotel cost, can put you in a panic.  

Lastly, be prepared but have fun. Travelling can be extremely stressful but it’s always great to let loose and enjoy the trip. You’ve probably stressed about planning for this trip months before now is the time to enjoy yourself. 

Have a great summer everyone and remember, travel safely and smartly.