Why Black Lives Matter to Me


Why Black Lives Matter to Me

As I started tweeting with my friends, I noticed a hashtag in late May that said #Justicefor GeorgeFloyd. I was curious and clicked on it.

I was overwhelmed from the comments and decided to watch the video. I look back and I wish I didn’t. I was heartbroken, upset and tears rolled down my eyes, with my hand covering my mouth to witness such a cruel act on another human being.

I am not ashamed of being in tears. I have a heart. I feel. I care. I saw a man who did not seem to be a threat, lying on the ground, handcuffed, and most importantly being respectful. I saw three police officers (now ex officers) holding this man down, and one cruel officer (also now an ex officer) placing his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

So basically, I saw a man get murdered right in front of my own eyes. I was disgusted. He was only 46 years old. Only five years older than me. So young.

George Floyd did not have to die. He was a human being that was loved, important and ENOUGH. He was someone’s son, brother and father. He was a man who needed help and he was killed. This raised a lot of questions . . . Why?

I could not believe horrific stuff like this goes on. Whatever happened to peace and love for others?

So I decided to write and express my views, thoughts and opinions on this current situation.

How can we bring change?

I am a big and firm believer in peaceful protests. And it makes me happy the majority of us have had it with this crap.

eat American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick tried to stand against police brutality, but unfortunately this was not enough. The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery brought on immense anger and rightfully so. It was the death of George Floyd, which became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Subsequently, thousands upon thousands of protesters marched the streets and the world was fed up. We said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

During this time there were lots of riots, looting and chaos. Remember, hurting businesses that have worked so hard to make their dreams come true deliver no benefits for what the vast majority of the world is trying to accomplish, which is JUSTICE for those who have been wrongfully killed.

We must not forget there are many GOOD Police Officers.

In the city of Windsor and as a minority, I have always been treated with respect and kindness by Canadian Police officers in my 41 years.

In fact, I send my inspirational articles to two wonderful Police officers weekly in addition to the Mayor, mental health organizations, mental health professionals, Hospitals and CEOs. They encourage me to continue to help others and our community.

My friend and retired Police Officer of 30 years Pete Mosher, is exactly the same way. He is very kind, generous and shows empathy. There are also many wonderful Police officers all around the world who sincerely care about you and me regardless of our colour.

If you have been watching some peaceful protests you will see many police officers hugging and embracing protesters. The truth is, there are a lot of good police officers who are risking their lives for you and I on a daily basis.

So please keep an open mind. Police officers are human beings and many are saddened by the injustice they see.

You have rights.

I believe in human rights and equality. Your voice matters, so speak up.

Your existence matters, so show yourself. Your life matters, so live it. You matter, so be happy. The world itself must UNITE as ONE. We must do what is morally right. We must do what is acceptable. Hate, racism discrimination, bullying, violence is NOT acceptable and can never make the world better.

Loving, kindness, empathy, helping, encouraging and motivating are what needs to be done toward healing this world and bringing peace.

We as humanity are NOT the enemies. The real enemies are Depression, Anxiety, Cancer and Suicide. Our focus is to be there for the people who struggle with this. It does not matter what the colour of our skin is. The fact is we are all human beings.

As an Indian, I have never once had to fear for my life.

So my question is why does the black community have to? Why are they being targeted? This is what upsets me and many others. They are human beings that should be given the same fundamental equal rights as many of us have.

I stand tall and proud in solidarity for the black community and for the Black Lives Matter movement. I stand against injustice. I will NOT be silenced. As I mentioned, I stand for what is RIGHT. And killing an African American man who did not resist and needed help is NOT RIGHT.

I have seen African Americans being detained for crimes they have not committed. When is it enough?

I have seen African Americans being killed when they shouldn’t have. So when does this really stop? Every death impacts many in this world. This is the power of the importance of a human being. To see deaths frequently is just downright upsetting.

Being black should not be considered a death sentence.

I stand proud with anyone in this world regardless of their colour race or creed, who have been the victim of violence, hate, racism and treated with discrimination.

Put yourself in the shoes of the black community. Imagine the frustration, the anger and fear they go through.

It starts by being empathetic and compassionate. By doing this, it gives others a better understanding of how it is to feel disempowered and marginalized.

People seem to forget the power that love has. Love can actually heal the world. There is no violence when there is love. There is no hate when there is love. There is more peace when there is love.
Most importantly; there is NO RACISM when there is love. If you want to be a part of changing the world, then love more, give more and accept ALL people.

RIP George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all many others who died because of hate crimes and racism.

God bless you and take care. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself!

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Danny Gautama
Danny Gautama has been in the fitness industry over 25 years and is a local author. He writes inspirational and motivational articles for mental health organizations after overcoming his own struggles. In addition to Biz X magazine, he also has been a guest blogger for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, EmotionallyNaked.com and was featured in the Windsor Star. He currently lives in Windsor and is working on an inspirational book. Reach him by emailing: [email protected]