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Why ComiCon is More than Just a Convention

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Why ComiCon is More than Just a Convention

From Comic Book artists to heavyweight champions, the Windsor Comicon has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re into Q and A’s with your favourite power rangers or a photo op with the actors from Degrassi, you’re sure to meet someone new and join in on all the fun.

The Windsor ComiCon is one of the many events in Windsor where you can get together with people who are in the same hobby as you. This can not only free your mind of any “standing out” but this can also help tame social anxieties and help you get out of your comfort zone.

The Comic Con also helps you meet new people that are interested in the same expos, games and artists as you. These events have a great effect on your self-esteem as everywhere you look, you’re bond to see someone you know or want to know such as interviews or taking pictures with a group of entertaining voice actors.

If you haven’t been to a Comic Con, you’re sure in for a treat. Cosplayers are one of the most innovative of the bunch at these events as they dress up as their favourite characters and play the role of that person for the event. From anime character to countless television personal, Cosplayers dress up as numerous different varieties, it’s kind of like an early Halloween, but much cooler!

Personally, whenever I go to a Comicon, I try to let my full nerd run wild and no, the term nerd is nothing to be ashamed of. You can see the passion in the costumes, the interactions between those who attend and immersing yourself into the world of Comic Con is an experience all in itself.

This year, my boyfriend and I plan to attend as Shaggy and Velma from Scooby-Doo, why? Because we most certainly can! It’s all about the fun, the experience and don’t forget about the passion that fills the air within the Comic Con walls.

The youth should feel more accepted and be able to freely express myself as the people they are. Conventions like Comic Con bring out the best within communities as people come together and enjoy something that they are passionate about and are able to share their love for the fandoms they have grown to praise.

There is lots of freebies, Q and A’s with comic book artists, signings for your favourite actors and many more! It’s a convention for the geek culture, big and small, If you love super heros, fan fiction, movies, television shows or comics, the Windsor ComiCon will not disappoint you.

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