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I live within a city of character, poise, and generous individuals who for the most part, are very supportive of their community members and will do anything in their power to see our success thrive.

I have graciously been given the opportunities to meet and talk with a lot of these individuals who constantly change the community everyday whose work regularly go unnoticed. When faced with devastation, the Windsor community gathers together to help solve the problems at hand. When presented with generosity, we glorify our neighbours, and when blessed with happiness, Windsorites celebrate success as a family and as a team.

Windsor, in my opinion, may have its faults but will always prosper because of the collaborative community we’ve established. Though the endless charitable organizations, hosting mourning vigils for fallen heroes, strangers, and family members of the Windsor community, as well as present a variety of ideas and cause for nothing but hope in the future endeavours of the city and it’s members.

Late last week, Windsor hosted a Vigil for the loss of the members of Orlando within the shooting, the LGBTQ community among many other communities joined together to stand strong and show their respect to these strangers whom most of them didn’t know, but they felt as if they were still family one way or another.

Throughout my life, I have resided in Windsor my whole 18 years of existence, and I can proudly say I have invested myself not only into the community but it’s people as well. Being apart of the Windsor community is not only a way to build upon your abilities through learning opportunities, endless experiences, and growth development, Windsor also welcomes many different cultures, religious backgrounds, and people from across the world into our city.

Between The Downtown Mission, The Windsor Youth Centre and the  Big Brothers Big Sisters facilities, Windsor’s community endlessly cares and supports the less fortunate and in need of a little helping hand. Through new initiatives of environmental safety, health kid habits, and academic help, Windsor’s home is a home to so many, whether born here or far away, the lifestyle continues to grow and develop further.

Growth, support, compassion, and driven are just a few words to describe Windsor, I am very proud to say I am a Windsorite and plan to continue being involved within our community to make the world that reside in everyday, a better place.

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