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Home Reno With Windsor Home & Garden Show Exhibitors

Home Reno With Windsor Home & Garden Show Exhibitors

Everything Under One Roof For Everything Under Your Roof! Home Renovation With “Windsor Home & Garden Show” Exhibitors

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home contemplating your next home improvement project, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Yep, you can just search the Internet and get a variety of ideas, but let’s face it, there’s nothing better than being able to approach the professionals and pick their brains.

Along with having the benefit of their years of experience at your disposal, you can see and feel the products they offer. You get to view first-hand examples of the work they do and ask questions specific to your needs. The only drawback to this approach is that you may have to invest significant time and mileage travelling from place to place to cover all of your needs. (And hey, gas is never cheap these days!)

If only there was a singular location where all of your potential professionals gathered at the same time, all under one roof. A place where you could ask your questions, meet the pros, and get a real feel for the services they are offering.

We at Biz X are pleased to announce there is such a place — the 37th annual “Windsor Home & Garden Show” the weekend of April 12 to 14 at Central Park Athletics Centre, 3400 Grand Marais Road East!

This is the second consecutive year the show has been hosted at this location and Stuart Galloway, President of 20/20 Show Productions indicates, “The show has been sold out (for booth space) for a couple of months now and over 200 exhibitors are eager to kick off their busy season with excellent show specials.”

The popularity of this show is evident to both the patrons and participants.

The show has become very popular within the Windsor and Essex County community because of the variety of exhibitors each year,” he says, noting, “The show offers everything for upgrades and renovations to your home.”

Beyond the variety, Galloway proposes, “People are always looking to save money where they can, and attending the show allows them to do that as they can shop and compare with multiple suppliers all in one location and lock in the best pricing available.”

As far as access to the show and parking Galloway informs, “We have added additional parking across the street from the show that will be efficiently serviced with shuttles to and from the front door.”

Not only is the home show a great opportunity to access a multitude of local professionals, it is also a bargain to attend. Show admission is only $10 per person with children 16 and under able to attend at no charge. Galloway also points out that homeowners can “visit our website, for admission coupons.”

So sit back, grab a coffee and continue reading for a few tips from “Windsor Home & Garden Show” exhibitors, on site at the April show, ready and waiting to answer your questions. Keep in mind you can contact all those profiled in our cover story pages, long after the show doors close, by visiting their place of business in person or checking out their website.

Creature Comforts

Everyone thinks about the things that make their home comfortable as they fight through another day in the grinder at work.

Sometimes you just can’t wait to get home to slip off your shoes and settle into your favourite chair!

As we all know, without the resources to effectively control the interior climate of your home, your sanctuary would be much less enjoyable.

The ability to effectively cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter is something that we all appreciate, but often take it for granted until something goes wrong.

Over the course of their 52 years in business, the skilled professionals at Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists, 3822 Sandwich Street, Windsor have been keeping local residents comfortable.

Alana Mariani, Marketing Co-ordinator at Fahrhall has been working in the HVAC industry since 2013 and generously set aside some time to talk with us.

Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists provide reliable heating, cooling, plumbing, air quality service, and installation in Windsor/Essex County and the Chatham Kent Region,” states Mariani. “Over the past 50 years, our mission has been to offer quality home comfort and give back to our community.”

She adds, “Participating at the ‘Windsor Home & Garden Show’ allows us to reach customers that are exploring the market for upcoming renovations. Home shows are very convenient for prospective buyers, because they are able to meet our home comfort advisors face-to-face and view our product line-up at our booth to get a true picture of the quality brands we carry.”

One of the items that Mariani is excited to share at the show is the Daikin Fit System.

The Daikin Fit system is a side-discharge, smart HVAC-Air Conditioner system,” notes Mariani adding, “In a market saturated with expensive high-tiered inverters, the system provides a premium mid-efficiency inverter at an affordable rate.”

She concludes by stating, “Deciding to upgrade your HVAC system is a big financial decision, however, a new furnace or air conditioner can help reduce energy bills and help prevent costly repairs and sudden breakdowns.”

Renovation Without Frustration

Renovating one’s home can be a daunting task. Even reworking one room can be a major undertaking and it can be difficult knowing where to start.

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects associated with attempting a home renovation on your own, is finding the time.

Why stress over your schedule? Why risk achieving less than ideal results? There are professionals out there that can provide timely and guaranteed work.

One such professional is Blain Homes and Renovations Inc. which has been providing quality service to local residents for the past three years.

Jonathan Blain, Owner/Operator of Blain Homes and Renovations, who received his red-seal license as a carpenter in Alberta in 2015, was more than happy to offer advice based upon his 15 years in the trade.

Our main focus with our business is bathroom, basement and accessibility renovations,” says Blain. “If you are looking for an entire bathroom renovation or just a tub to walk-in shower conversion, we have the skilled tradesman to do the full project.”

Blain adds, “As I am a skilled carpenter, our basement work scope can be as small as framing, drywall, and mudding, or a full-scope renovation with flooring, painting, trim, stairs, railing, etc.”

So what is the prime motivation for this home renovation company to participate in the “Windsor Home & Garden Show?”

We find that communication is key and being able to speak to someone face to face and have them see first-hand how passionate we are about the work we do, is very important to us,” he remarks.

When describing the process they follow when initiating a project, Blain explains, “Our first step is to meet with the client in their home to get an idea of the scope of work while looking at the space that needs to be renovated. Once we’ve established a plan, we provide a general design so they are able to visually see the renovated space.”

After this is done he notes, “We then work closely with them on style, colour and functionality.”

Wrapping up his section Blain concludes, “The benefit of renovating your own space is to showcase your personality. Your living space should be an extension of who you are.”

Make Sure Your Home Is On The Sunny Side of The Street

Continuing the theme of modern technology, solar energy certainly has to be considered as one of the more certain waves of the future. Look around you now and we are sure you will see examples of the benefits and applications of Solar Energy.

One of the local leaders in the application of solar energy for your home is Green Sun Rising Inc with its Renewable Energy Technology Centre, 1680 Kildare Road in Windsor.

Green Sun Rising has been providing solar options to the residents of Windsor and the surrounding area for the past 11 years and Tanja Nuske, Vice President of Marketing, graciously agreed to share some of her knowledge and experience with us.

When discussing Green Sun Rising Nuske notes, “Our focus is the design and supply of solar PV systems for clean electricity and solar thermal for water heating. We also take service calls to check on existing solar systems and to remove and reinstall them if a roof is being replaced.”

The Windsor Home & Garden Show” offers the company an opportunity to approach homeowners directly and discuss their energy needs. Nuske informs us they have participated for over 10 years at the show.

Regarding the benefits of outfitting one’s home with solar technology, according to Nuske, “Under the Net Metering Program homeowners can save on their electricity bills by producing their own electricity. Participants send electricity into the local distribution grid in exchange for credits towards their electricity bill. Your solar system will provide you with a long term energy supply, protecting you from rising cost of electricity in the future.”

Other potential energy from the sun incorporates solar thermal technology as Nuske explains, “Solar thermal systems can be integrated into your existing boiler or domestic hot water system. The sun does not send a bill!”

She adds, “I heat my domestic hot water via solar year round with a few exceptions in the winter.”

In closing this section Nuske stresses, “Climate change is real. We do a lot of projects in remote communities in the Canadian Arctic and we see the changes. Clean energy supply is a long term benefit for homeowners and reduces their carbon footprint.”


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