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Windsor Snowfall Clean-up Underway

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Windsor Snowfall Clean-up Underway

City snow plows have main routes in Windsor in good shape while contract work crews are busy plowing residential areas this morning.  Please use caution approaching intersections though, as stopping can be more difficult on wet pavement.

All available plows will join the contract plows in residential areas as soon as the main routes are completely cleared, and a typical pass of the entire city takes roughly 24 to 36 hours, so expect some covered side streets throughout the day.

Residents can help with the clean-up by removing vehicles from city streets where possible and ensuring to clear sidewalks abutting their property. All sidewalks are to be cleared 4 hours after the snow fall and ice formation occurs for commercial property owners and 12 hours for residential property owners.  As well, under the Highway Traffic Act and City of Windsor by-laws, residents are prohibited from shovelling snow back onto the street while clearing sidewalks and driveways, as this creates unsafe road conditions for motorists. 

Motorists are asked to be patient when travelling behind a plow and give operators plenty of room.  Plows typically operate at 40 kilometers per hour.  Following too close to a snowplow can lead to poor visibility, and vehicles risk being hit by thrown snow or rocks when they do so.

For more information, please stay tuned to the local media and visit the City website for more general information on snow clearing.