You Have Nothing To Be Jealous Of!


You Have Nothing To Be Jealous Of!

John has a successful job, a loving wife and beautiful children. He drives a nice car, and is doing well financially.

John’s neighbour is not his biggest fan. He thinks John stepped on people to get a higher paying job. He dislikes everything about John, when clearly John is living his life.

Jealousy can destroy relationships, friendships and all around brings out negative emotions, like anger, and hate. One cannot move forward if trapped in this vicious cycle of jealousy. Jealousy can make a person feel angry, worried and depressed.

Letting go of jealousy means letting go of the negative emotions that you feel when you are jealous. If it is making you feel miserable, then you know that this is a problem. Don’t let your peace of mind be destroyed by jealousy. There is no gain to this.

When you put the focus on others, you neglect that you also have a life of value and importance. In order to realize that, you must put your primary focus on yourself. Once you do that, then you will stop thinking of what this person is doing or what this person has. You will be so busy making your own life, and finding your own success. You will find yourself less stressful and happier because of it.

Do not be jealous about someone’s success
The reason I am not jealous of anyone is because I am so happy with what I am doing and I believe I am doing very well. So, when I am happy with myself, I am happy with others.

Remember, if you find yourself jealous of someone, then you probably have no idea what they had to do to become successful. Just be happy for them, and let them be an inspiration for you to achieve your goals.

No one is better or worse than anyone else. We all have a life, trying to further ourselves in this world. So that is why it is important to focus on your own success. This is your life. Don’t jump into someone else’s life. You have a lot going for you. You just have to believe you do.

Never be jealous of someone’s appearance
Jealousy can come from insecurities about yourself, and not being confident in who you are. You have absolutely NOTHING to be insecure about, and I don’t even know you. Truth is, there will never be anyone exactly like you, me or anybody else. That is a fact. That already puts you on a high level. We are all different in every way shape and form. You are beautiful in your own way, while someone is in theirs. You have your own path, while someone has theirs. Unique is beautiful, different is beautiful, and we all have it. So do not compare yourself with anyone. Just be accepting with the way you are, and the way you look.

Jealousy in relationships
In my opinion, I believe relationships are built on trust, communication, loyalty, and love. I once dated a girl in Chatham, Ontario in 2005.She was a beautiful woman who had everything going for her. However, she used to have this idea that I was secretly dating someone else, when I clearly wasn’t. She would call me at 3 a.m. to make sure I was not out somewhere. How are relationships supposed to work out that way? It was not healthy for the both of us, and it obviously could not last.

I do not do marriage counselling, but I do know that jealousy in relationships is a clear sign that the person has low self esteem and insecurities. And that is not healthy to make a relationship last.

When you are insecure, then you are easily affected by the thoughts that are making you believe that something is possibly true based on your assumptions. The reality is, we don’t know. That is where the trust comes in. Most of the time, the negative things you believe become bigger than they actually are, and can easily distort what you are thinking and feeling. Be happy and confident with yourself. Just as you feel lucky to have this special person in your life, believe that they should be as just as lucky to have you.

Family jealousy
My siblings and I have different passions, professions and our own different goals. Any accomplishments we make, we congratulate and support each other. This is what families should do. Any accomplishment for a family member should be an accomplishment for all of them. Families love unconditionally, and should never compare themselves with each other. Help each other, understand each other and motivate each other. That’s how families stay as ONE.

To any parent, love your child differently but equally. Never favour or compare one to the other. This can cause jealousy toward siblings with sadness and depression ensuing thereafter. I am already sure you are great parents.

Friends Jealousy
Your friend has another new friend, and now you feel that your friend will hang out with his new friend and push you aside. We cannot foresee the future. All you can do is never change who you are, and be loyal without having any jealous feelings. If he or she is this great friend, then I am more than sure they will not do anything to jeopardize their relationship with you.

The best thing you can do right now is clear your mind from all the toxic negative thinking. Let it go, and free yourself. You will gain more clarity. Live your life and enjoy. Be better than you were yesterday. You should be your only competition to improve and make substantial growth in every area and aspect in your life.

Go out there and show the world who you are. Don’t worry about what others are doing. When you start to give your attention to yourself and your life, you will start to notice how much value you have and how much you can offer. When you are truly happy with yourself, jealousy will no longer exist.

Go out there and sparkle!

God bless you and take care.

Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a Legend.

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Danny Gautama
Danny Gautama has been in the fitness industry over 25 years and is a local author. He writes inspirational and motivational articles for mental health organizations after overcoming his own struggles. In addition to Biz X magazine, he also has been a guest blogger for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, and was featured in the Windsor Star. He currently lives in Windsor and is working on an inspirational book. Reach him by emailing: [email protected]