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Youth Matters – Covering Up Tattoos

Youth Matters - Covering Up Tattoos

Photo: Dominik Vanyi

Youth Matters – Covering Up Tattoos

In my opinion, tattoos are meaningful and tell a story, why cover them up?

In a professional opinion, they are to be covered completely and not see the light of day. I have one on each wrist and one on my ankle. A book, my cat’s name that passed away last year and a butterfly with a semi colon on my ankle to symbolize my journey with mental health. 

In a recent article from JOBBIO by Alice Murray, “Tattoos in the Workplace: Why Do Employers Still Care?” Murray tackles the hard questions about why tattoos are seen as irresponsible and portray a lack for professionalism.

As the misconception of tattoos symbolizing rebellion and SOMETHING, many employers and even elders frown upon the look of tattoos.
Without knowing the meaning or purpose behind the tattoo, people are quick to judge the person based on how they look.

In a LinkedIn survey with 500 participants, the respondents said that they think a candidate’s image plays a significant role in the hiring process.

The results stated that 88 percent said that having a tattoo could limit someone’s career progression. Also, 41 percent admitted to actively rejecting a suitable candidate because they have a visible tattoo.

To quote Murray (last name withheld): “It didn’t matter that the candidate was completely qualified. Because they had made a decision to permanently mark their skin they were dismissed without a second thought. Why does this discrimination still exist in today’s workplaces?”.

When asked why the employer would reject a candidate with a tattoo, 47 percent said it was due to industry tolerance but 41 percent said it was because the employer has a strict dress code.

Before I had my tattoos, I was one to say I would never get them because they are permanent. After finding some that became meaningful and explained my life journey, it was a no brainer that I wanted them. Having body ink has nothing to do with my experience, work or skill level and my dedication towards a job.

A colourful book symbolizes my journey as I became an author in September and I’m working on my second book.

My cat’s name with a cat face beneath symbolizes the loss of my best friend last Summer. I had my cat since I was younger and she and I moved houses together, she cuddled me while I slept and was overall my comfort buddy.

Lastly, my butterfly with a semicolon symbolizes my journey with mental health that may not be over but I continue to battle everyday.

I got these specific tattoos because I loved the idea of a story being told on my body through images. Not only are they conversation starts, they resemble me as a person and my life’s journey. I am grateful to be able to wear long sleeves at my workplace to cover up my tattoos but it is also prohibits me from expressing myself.

What is your professional opinion and personal opinion on tattoos?

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