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Role models come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds to what they stand for, I know many who go unnoticed.

On the Youth Matters blog we have looked at non-profit organizations that make a difference in our community, now it’s time to look at some inspirational young adult role models who are doing the same.

Many young woman in Windsor-Essex make a difference in the lives of others everyday without even trying or without a second thought. There are so many inspirational woman in our community but I would like to bring to light two that have personally impacted my life and the way I live it.

Meaghan Marton is a bubbly personality that can make a difference by just one comment. Heavily active within the community, Meaghan makes sure everyone is laughing and smiling.  Meaghan volunteers and raises money for various causes including YMCA, Border City Boxing Club, Humane Society and many more. She is passionate about helping animals, health and wellness and helping youth make a difference in their communities. Meaghan has made a huge impact in my life by always being positive and being driven towards her goals. She always asks how people are feeling and is a huge inspiration towards the community.

Thank you Meaghan for making a difference in the lives of so many, your powerful voice is a force to be reckon with.

Next, we have a good friend of mine, Cierra Bray. A lot of you will know her as the President of CGal Media, this 23-year-old is a entrepreneur powerhouse.

Cierra was one of three Young Canadians selected to represent Canada and Youth Entrepreneurship for Global Entrepreneurship Week. Full of inspiration and passion, she is a driven philanthropist and would like to impact one million youth by the age of 30. She’s got goals and plans on meeting them. Cierra is someone I have always looked up to, her goals are high and she continues to strive for anything less. She gives the best advice and is focused on making the community a better place. Thank you Cierra for being a huge role model for young people all over the world and not letting any challenges hold you back from your dreams.

Make goals, strive for them and never give up. No matter how many challenges come along your way, fight through them and continue on your path to greatness.

To learn more about Meaghan and Cierra visit their social media handles on Facebook!