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Youth Matters – School Stress Relievers

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Youth Matters – School Stress Relievers

Summer came as fast as it went. 

Now is the time to discuss what you can do to relieve that work/school stress because come on, we all have it. Here are your self-care tips for relieving stress. 

  1. Workout- I started really going to the gym this summer to not only be more active and to see results but also to relieve built up stress. I found running, lifting weights and playing recreational sports really put my mind at ease and took my mind away from whatever was stressing me out. I felt as if I sweated out all my stress and put it towards something enjoyable, getting out of the house and seeing results all at the same time. 
  2. Meditation- I know what you’re thinking, who has the time and patience to mediate? You do! Even taking five minutes before you go to bed to sit and focus on your breathing and clearing your mind can be drastically beneficial to your mind. Breath calming through your nose and out through your mouth with your eyes closed. This will not only clear your mind but 
  3. Colouring- No, coloring is not just for kids. Mandela colouring books can be extremely relaxing and ease your mind. It can be relaxing not only for your eyes but also your mind in the sense of a breathing regiment. 
  4. Reading- Reading can help relieve stress as many books can take you to a different time period, a different world or indulge in your favourite character can really ease the mind and replace negative energy. 
  5. Writing- Keeping a journal to express your thoughts in can ease your mind. By expressing your thoughts on paper, it helps to release your negative thoughts and replace them with good ones. This can help someone cope with what they are going through and help you meditate on a topic. 

Tell us what you do to relieve your stress down below!