The Biz X Awards

18th Annual Biz X Awards

18th Annual Biz X Awards

By Rebecca Wright

The 18th Annual Biz X Awards. For some, owning a business and being an entrepreneur is their destiny. It’s something they are meant to do and their passion for their business keeps it ticking over, year after year, gaining momentum on the road to success.

Running your own company means you understand that “time is money” and you need excellent time management skills to complete all orders, meet pressing deadlines and do whatever it takes to get the job done “on time, every time.” And most likely lots of “overtime” (unpaid for the most part) hours are logged too!

With the publishing of our 180th issue, November/December 2015, we celebrate those businesses that “stand the test of time.”

All these references to “time” had us thinking of “time travel” and what better movies than the “Back to the Future” trilogy to help us out with our theme! The movies have recently been plastered all over the news since 2015 is the year “Marty McFly” and “Doc Brown” travel to from 1985.

“Timing is everything” and due to this year’s 30 year celebration of the first movie in the trilogy (which featured time travel), business and time, is the ideal combination for our awards theme, “It’s Time To Get Back To Business!”

Throughout the The 18th Annual Biz X Awards edition and at our accompanying gala, you’ll see elements of this theme (and lots of clocks) combined with two colours — aquamarine (bluegreen) the gemstone associated with an 18th anniversary, along with a shiny silver (like the DeLorean on our front cover) — on the story pages and our awards gala decor.

Getting back to the awards edition, all 2015 Biz X Award winners and nominees can now proudly state they have hit “the big time!” The readers of Biz X magazine and their customers believe they are the leaders in the local business community for exceptional customer service, selection, pricing and dedication to their businesses.

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