17th Annual R.N.A.O. 2024 Lois Fairley Nursing Award

Anna Dudok, a nurse at Huron Lodge since 1991, is the first nurse recognized at a long term home in the 17 years of the award.

On May 6, at Windsor’s Huron Lodge, the R.N.A.O. 2024 Lois Fairley Nursing Award was awarded to Anna Dudok, a nurse at Huron Lodge since 1991.

Her nomination was written and submitted by coworker Lisa Stomp:

“Anna has been an exceptional nurse at Huron Lodge since 1991. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the last 4 years, from being a new grad ‘learning the ropes’ here at Huron Lodge, to now growing into a position of management. Throughout this time at Huron Lodge, has made me feel like I am part of a bigger family.

Anna is one of the most determined, resident centered nurses I have met. She holds herself to a high professional standard in all that she does, and advocates the same from those around her. Her years as a nurse at Huron Lodge have made her incredibly knowledgeable in caring for our residents’, and she instills this knowledge into all of our new hires and staff. Whenever myself or fellow staff have a question we don’t know the answer to, we know that if we call Anna, that she will provide assistance and guidance without judgement. She maintains a calm personable demeanor (even when under pressure) and translates this to every interaction with physicians, residents, staff and families. From providing an empathetic ear and compassionate hand when a life-changing diagnosis is delivered, to welcoming a new admission into our home, she demonstrates kindness and professionalism. She always comes to work with a sense of positivity, and with a smile on her face. She spends the extra time to listen to residents’ concerns, assist with meals, and make sure that resident care needs are met at the end of the day. When residents need a new medication or a new treatment, Anna spends the extra time making phone calls to the physician and pharmacy advocating so that her residents receive the best care possible.

I know there will come a day when she retires soon, and it will be one of the greatest losses we will have experienced here at Huron Lodge. So Anna, I want you to know – we all recognize that your impact here at Huron Lodge goes beyond words. Your commitment to providing exceptional resident care is a testament to your character and expertise. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the residents and staff here at Huron Lodge. We hope that we can continue to instill these values you have taught us for years to come as you truly define what it means to be an exceptional nurse.”


The 17th Annual R.N.A.O. Lois Fairley Nursing Award recognizes a nurse or nurses from Windsor and Essex County who have impacted the lives of patients and their families.

Annually, the community is asked to nominate a nurse in 500 words or less why someone should be chosen to be honoured with this award.

The annual award recipient is selected by members of the Fairley family and the Windsor-Essex chapter of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (R.N.A.O.) from nominations received from the public.

The award is named for Lois Fairley, a graduate of Windsor’s Grace Hospital nursing program in 1955, who spent her career caring for patients at Grace Hospital as a nurse and head nurse. She also served the nursing profession as a member of the Provincial Board of Directors of R.N.A.O., and served as President of the Ontario Nurses Association (O.N.A.). She was also a St. Clair College Nursing Program Advisory Committee (PAC) member.

Unfortunately, Lois passed away in 2007, and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario instituted this award for Windsor Essex in 2008.