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21: The Age Of Responsibility

21: The Age Of Responsibility

21: The Age Of Responsibility

With the publishing of this issue, we have completed our 21st year of publishing.

Turning 21 in life signifies a coming of age and more responsibility. The key to the future is there to grab as well! Personally, this magazine is my “baby” so to speak — and along with my family and entire team — we have helped it grow through the years to become a trusted source of news and advertising.

Since we are a family operation and Biz X is a large part of our lives, each business “birthday” is cause for a celebration.

So, for 2018, as you will see in our awards tribute, we honour the number of years we have been operating by referencing the game of Blackjack (“21”). After all, owning a business is a huge risk right?

Despite the fact that over our history the economy has experienced its ups and downs, we have had a continued spell of good fortune. Hence, the second part of the theme for our 21st Biz X Annual Awards Edition is — “A Run Of Good Luck.”

Of course, luck is just part of running a business, as all entrepreneurs know. A quality product, support from suppliers, superior customer service, dedicated employees and a whole lot of work must all come together to create a winning formula for each business.

Our 207 nominees you will read about in this issue, all understand the importance of each factor listed here and have created their own recipes for success.

With that said, as usual I have to acknowledge a few key individuals who always go the extra mile for me, so here comes the name dropping.

First of all, I always have to give credit where it is due to my entire team especially my family — dad, Colin; mum, Kathy; sister, Della and partner, Jack Rosenberg. They were all busy working night and day to get this issue and our awards gala finalized. Why even my six year old nephew Dylan went out to hand deliver the award invites with his mum!

Our new Account Executive, Shelley Oswald gave 110% to look after all her clients. As well, Joe McParland was always there to represent me at events and Dave Hall pitched in to lend a helping hand to cover all kinds of editorial columns.

Designer Rae Marie did a fantastic job of making the pages of this edition look spectacular and also fitting in a 15,000 word award story! Writer Rebecca Wright compiled the awards write-ups, which were extremely detailed and a huge undertaking.

Of course, I can’t forget those involved with the magazine since day one: Alan Halberstadt, Steve Mayo and Rod Denis. And when you look at the Masthead on Page 4 you will see the names of more individuals who played an important role in putting this edition together.

I am forever grateful to EACH of these freelancers for their dedication.

Most importantly, I have to thank our advertisers, suppliers and our readers. Our advertisers believe in our product and trust Biz X to get their businesses major X-posure! Our suppliers are the best in the biz and our readers make it all worthwhile.

Here’s to year 22!

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