Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones – Publisher of Biz X Magazine Deborah Jones graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours Degree in Communication Studies and was employed at two other local magazines shortly after for a few years learning all she could about writing, advertising, public relations and more. She made the jump in 1998 to go out on her own to publish Biz X magazine and has worked in the publishing industry since 1990. In 2007, she earned the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Windsor & District Chamber of Commerce. To date, she is the ONLY woman so far to receive this award. In 2013, she received one of the first “Windsor Women of the Year” awards from the Ladies Exclusive Alliance. Her most recent achievement is a “2016 Vocational Service Award” from the Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland. Deborah is proud to live in Windsor and truly cares about each and every business and strives to make Windsor Essex the best place to live, work and play.

The Windsor Essex Region . . .“Where Canada Begins”

Photographed at the Windsor Essex booth at the “AutoMobili-D” Exhibit, from left (seated): Yvonne Pilon, President & CEO of WEtech Alliance; K.W. Michael Siu, Vice President, Research at the University of Windsor; Wendy Stark, WE EDC Manager, Business Retention and Expansion. (Standing): Ed Dawson, WE EDC Mobility Analyst; Heather Pratt, Executive Director, Research and Development at the University of Windsor, Office of Research and Innovation Services; Tina Suntres, Innovation Administration Coordinator, Office of Research and Innovation Services at the University of Windsor and Susan Anzolin, Executive Director, Institute for Border Logistics and Security. Photo by Rod Denis.

The Windsor Essex Region . . .“Where Canada Begins”

I cannot think of a better way to kick start our annual auto show review coverage than with a quick article explaining how area organizations collaborated on a common goal to build awareness of Windsor Essex as a premier location for mobility innovation. They also showcased the cluster of automation and technological advancements available to the automotive sector in the region.

Several key organizations from Windsor Essex recently partnered to form a significant presence during press and industry days at the “North American International Auto Show” (NAIAS) from January 14 to January 17, 2019.

The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WE EDC), the University of Windsor, St. Clair College and WEtech Alliance were on hand with their teams to host the “Windsor Essex — Where Canada Begins” booth at the “AutoMobili-D” Exhibit.

“The four organizations are all working together to better support the Windsor Essex region,” states Susan Anzolin, Executive Director for the Institute for Border Logistics and Security (a WE EDC department). She adds, “Together we can really achieve a lot more.”

Over four days, partners networked extensively with C-level executives of major mobility OEMs and bolstered the region’s reputation amongst growing mobility tech companies.

The strategic design elements of the “Where Canada Begins” exhibit promoted the region’s assets and highlighted our strategic locale situated within North America’s automation and innovation corridors. Using curated graphics and videos, the region’s great quality of life, access to global talent, and a strong and stable economic base, were shared with NAIAS attendees.

The Windsor Mayor, Drew Dilkens and Essex County Warden and Mayor of Tecumseh, Gary McNamara, were also in attendance (along with the group in the accompanying photo).

This provided them with the opportunity to see and meet with stakeholders and the 60 start-ups from around the world featured at “AutoMobili-D,” which highlighted innovative technologies, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to autonomous and connected platforms, as well as infrastructure communications and security applications.

“NAIAS attracts the highest concentration of global industry leaders to the City of Detroit and is the perfect backdrop to showcase the creativity and innovation happening in the Windsor-Detroit region,” says Dilkens. “The strength of our shared history in automotive positions us well for the future and we are excited share our story with global leaders at the 2019 NAIAS.”
Great work everyone, let’s hope this effort pays off in the long run!

Biz X magazine February 2019 Vol 22 Issue 2

Biz X magazine February 2019 Vol 22 Issue 2

ON THE COVER — “Come Along For The Ride!” — 18
Our cover model relaxes with Biz X magazine’s 2018 auto show edition, as she speeds along in the autonomous Nissan IMs Concept. The vehicle, unveiled at the 2019 “North American International Auto Show,” in Detroit, is a completely new type of car — an “elevated sports sedan” that takes advantage of the packaging, platform and powertrain technology developed through Nissan Intelligent Mobility. With a fetching design and the ability to drive itself, the future of automobiles is going to be quite interesting. Find out what we discovered at the show in our annual review. Note: For information on inset photo of the Consul General of Canada in Detroit Joe Comartin, see page 12 above. 

COVER CREDITS: Beckey Holmes-Tofflemire wears a Frank Lyman design gold and black textured Moto Jacket with gold zipper detail, a black top with built in gold necklace and black Jersey pull on pants provided by Anne’s On The Avenue, 1695 Manning Road, Tecumseh. Photo by Rod Denis. (

4 Funny Stuff
5 From The Publisher: Windsor Essex Organizations At The Detroit Auto Show
6 Editorial Viewpoint: Were Mega-Hospital Site Selection Figures “Doctored?” – Mega-hospital urban sprawl champions continue to make light of a persistent campaign not to close Windsor core hospitals (see top photo of front lawn protest sign). The champs also dismiss critics who say the process to select the county road location for the proposed regional mega-hospital was unfair and lacked integrity, but a March hearing could knock them off their high horse, writes columnist Alan Halberstadt.
8 Front Lines
11 Heard On The Street
12 Have A Cup Of Joe With Joe: Meet The 20th Consul General Of Canada In Detroit – “Say it IS so Joe” as our own Joe McParland interviews the newly appointed Consul General of Canada in Detroit, Joe Comartin, who is pictured (inset front cover photo provided courtesy of the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit) in his 11th floor office at the Ren Cen. The view from his window appropriately includes downtown Windsor and our local casino, proving Comartin is a sure bet to do great things for our region!
14 Newsflash
There has been plenty going on in the Windsor business world since our last issue was published, including the annual Advocis Windsor luncheon. Among the 70 guests in attendance were members from the Clark Financial Group (in middle photo by Rod Denis) represented by Chris Clark, Shelly Webster, Sue Reaume and Rick Clark. What else happened at the luncheon? What other local business changes have recently occurred? Our Newsflash column has the answers you are looking for!
16 Dates To Remember
24 Tech Bytes: NEW! Welcome To Mobility City!
25 Take The Lead: Director, Producer And Writer, Ziad Hamzeh
26 Portfolio Corner
27 XX Files: Katherine Possami, Parkway Massage Therapy
28 Hot Shots: Windsor-Essex County Association Of REALTORS 2018 “Appreciation Luncheon”
31 Ask The Experts: Harris Heating & Air Conditioning Services Inc.
32 Awards Spotlight: The Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association Inc.’s “Golden Hammer”
Award Recipients
35 Food For Thought: The Hoagie Market, Walker Road, Windsor
36 THE PARENTING BIZ: Winter Activities & March Break Camp Directory – March Break is almost upon us — so what are some bright ideas for kids to do this winter when school is out? Whether it be a weeknight, weekend or an entire week, parents are always looking for fun and educational things to do with their children. Across the Windsor Essex region, there are many different businesses offering alternatives, including indoor archery, axe-throwing, outdoor nature walks and educational activities, arcade games, glo-golf, and indoor rock climbing. And when March 11 to 15 hits, area businesses and organizations aim to keep your child busy during the break with lots of cool things to do.
48 Awards Spotlight: Presenting The Finalists For The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce 29th Annual “Business Excellence Awards”
52 From The Bookshelf: Fave Car Stories & An Heroic Nurse
53 The Way It Was: It’s Teatime!
54 Biz Of The Month: School House Academy Daycare Services & Early Learning Centre, Windsor

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Tips To Increase Work Productivity All Year Long

Tips To Increase Work Productivity All Year Long

Well here it is, another new year has begun. Our first issue of our 22nd year of publishing is out and everyone at the magazine looks forward to another great year in business for not only us, but all our advertisers, readers and contacts too.

Since this is the January edition and we have some New Year Resolutions for families in our Parenting Biz section and a cover story about different changes in the local business and political world, I thought it best now to offer some tips on how to help maximize productivity at work.

One website I reference frequently is News Canada. I recently read the following tips on: and wanted to share them with our readers now.

The basis of the article is that it is challenging to stay energetic at work and help is needed to combat the mid-afternoon slump by integrating a few simple, healthy habits to boost your productivity. Check out the following tips and see if any can be helpful for your situation.

1. Catch some zzzz’s. Those who consistently get less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night may start to experience mild sleep deprivation. Start shifting your schedule to go to bed 30, 20 or even 15 minutes earlier. Making this little change will help with productivity and your overall performance.

2. Stay hydrated. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can alleviate the mid-afternoon slump because your heart is able to pump blood more efficiently when you are properly hydrated. Here’s a quick tip — keep a bottle on your desk to remind you to drink more water. You can even put lines on the bottle to indicate where the water level should be by a certain time to ensure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day.

3. Keep your eating habits in check. Small changes to your diet can benefit your overall productivity and energy levels. Consuming small meals at regular intervals throughout the day and getting enough fibre from veggies and whole grains can help keep your energy more consistent. Try keeping some quick and healthy snacks at your desk like nuts, dried fruits and microwavable popcorn. (Publisher’s Note: And now a word from a News Canada sponsor that must be mentioned) Orville Redenbacher’s new simply salted microwave popcorn is vegan certified and made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This whole-grain snack will satisfy your afternoon munchies without leaving you feeling sluggish. (Learn more at:

4. Take exercise breaks. With busy work schedules, it becomes harder to include physical activity into our daily routines. If your office isn’t fortunate enough to have an attached gym, you can still make time for mini workout breaks during the day. Try to schedule walking meetings, take a couple of minutes to stretch or opt to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Remember that little changes go a long way.

Personally, I keep going no matter what and can work 18 hours a day as I just love my job and I am always up to the challenge. However, I realize that might not be the case for others, especially if they are not the business owner.

I survive on little sleep, but I do know I need to get to bed earlier. I drink lots of water and popcorn is my favourite snack! Exercise I need to work on for sure as I am glued to my computer most of the day and night. So, if even a Publisher like me can gain some insight into looking after myself better, using the advice above, I hope you can too.

Here’s to 2019 being the best year of your life!

Biz X magazine January 2019 Vol 22 Issue 01

Biz X magazine January 2019 Vol 22 Issue 01

ON THE COVER — “The Winds Of Change!” — 18
The political landscape across Windsor and Essex County has changed for 2019 with new Councillors and Mayors elected in many municipalities.

Political veteran Kieran McKenzie (pictured on front) now represents Ward 9 as one of four new councillors on Windsor City Council. There are also four new Mayors taking office across the county. On the business front, there have been changes at the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce and also at the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association. Plus there are a few changes in the local business world as well.

Change seems to be the only constant as the New Year begins. So what’s in store for the year ahead? Photo by Rod Denis. (

Table of Contents

4 Funny Stuff
5 From The Publisher: Tips To Increase Work Productivity
6 Editorial Viewpoint: Peeling Back The Layers Of ETR Onion – It’s a reflection of its low profile in the community that The Essex Terminal Railway Company converted a huge brownfield in the middle of the city to a parking lot for up to 5,300 mostly Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles with hardly anyone noticing, writes columnist Alan Halberstadt.
7 Front Lines
9 The Way It Was: The History Behind The Brock And Tecumseh Statute
11 Heard On The Street
12 Hot Shots: Stigma Enigma’s “Mingle For Maryvale Adolescent Mental Health Centre” – The Stigma Enigma committee presents the “Sophie Smith Scholarship” annually, to full time medical students. One of the 2018 recipients is Jennifer Grbevski (top photo by Rod Denis), a first year psychiatry resident at Western University, Windsor campus. She received her scholarship award during the group’s fundraising event in November, featuring Ginger Zee, Chief Meteorologist for ABC News and Author.
14 Ask The Experts: The Heat Is On At Patio Palace Fireplace & Barbecue Shoppe, Windsor
15 Newsflash
16 Dates To Remember
17 Have A Cup Of Joe With Joe: FL3X Fitness Flexes Muscles With Expansion Plans
23 Hot Shots: The Salvation Army’s “Hope In The City Luncheon”
24 Portfolio Corner
25 XX Files: Kristina Foto, Windsor Weddings
26 Hot Shots: Advance Business Systems “American Thanksgiving Football Classic”
28 Hot Shots: “Cops Care For Kids Fashion Show & Silent Auction”
30 THE PARENTING BIZ: Get 2019 Off To A Great Start – Across Windsor Essex, there are countless ways for you and your family to commit to new and exciting resolutions. Being more active is just one of many New Year Resolutions your whole family can make this year, just like these kids playing floor hockey at the Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex are doing. Check out a bit of advice from business owners across the region on how to make 2019 the best year yet for you and your children!
38 Kids In The Community: Windsor Teen Helps Windsor’s Homeless With Life Packs
39 Food For Thought: Oven 360 Pizza, Panini & Gelato
40 Hot Shots: The Rotary Club Of Windsor-Roseland’s “Wines Of The World”
42 Hot Shots: “Artilicious” To Benefit The Kidney Foundation Of Canada
45 Up Close & Personal: Actor Tony Todd And “Windsor ComiCon” Memories
48 Awards Spotlight: The 21st Annual “Biz X Awards Gala” – Nick Trudeau and Tony Rush of Dinunzio Protection Services were on hand at the magazine’s big shindig to make sure everything went off without a hitch! The gala took place at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts in mid-November of last year with award recipients receiving their official plaques from The Trophy Boys in a ceremony with gala sponsors and VIP guests in the audience. Flip to our gala photo pages to see if you recognize anyone you know in business!
54 Biz Of The Month: Breadth Consulting Inc.

Amherstburg 2018 Holiday House Tours It sure was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the berg with the annual tours of homes decked out for the holidays, both inside and out.

Amherstburg 2018 Holiday House Tours

Biz X Was There – Amherstburg 2018 Holiday House Tours

It sure was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Berg with the annual tours of homes decked out for the holidays, both inside and out.

On November 24 & 25 the Town of Amherstburg Department of Tourism and Culture presented the sixth annual “Holiday House Tours” from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on both days.

Ticket holders were able to visit some of Amherstburg’s most beautiful, unique and historic properties made even more stunning by professional decorators for the holidays!

There were nine stops on this year’s tour, including one at Vivace Estate Winery attendees enjoyed the Christmas Tree Dress Exhibit and complimentary treats, tea and wine tasting. Houses participating in the tour were situated on Rankin Avenue, Pike County Road 18, Concession Road 6 South, Sandwich Street and Front Road North including the feature home.

Lots of nutcrackers, Christmas stockings, stylish holiday dinner settings and even the gloves and scarf of the Grinch could be seen!

The event was sponsored by Windsor Crossing. For further details visit online.

Photos by Deborah Jones and Della Jones-Goulet.