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A Happy Healthy New Year With FL3X Fitness

A Happy Healthy New Year With FL3X Fitness

Photo: Inside his gym in east Windsor, Carlos Puckerin feels his calling on earth is to ensure his clients achieve their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals and can live the best life possible.

A Happy Healthy New Year With FL3X Fitness

Alright, the parties are over, the holidays have ended, a new year is here and it’s time for all of us to face reality — we need to get back in shape.

From the Public Health Agency of Canada Data Blog, we find this warning: “Obesity is at epidemic levels around the world in both children and adults. Although adult obesity in Canada has been relatively steady since 2004, the percentage of adults who are obese today is twice as high as it was in 1978-1979, from 13.8% to 28.2%. This is concerning since obesity is a known risk factor for chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.”

Now for the good news. For Windsorites, there is no lack of health and gym facilities available for those who need to shed a few pounds or want to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. A Google search of Windsor area health facilities and gyms turns up close to 100 listings of businesses, including weight/training/cardio, Yoga, martial arts, rock climbing, boxing, aerobics/Zumba/Pilates, etc.

One of the latest facilities to come on board and make a huge splash, is FL3X Fitness at 10700 Tecumseh Road East in Windsor.

Housed in a former Mazda dealership building, it was originally Train Station Fitness Centre, until FL3X Fitness Owner, Carlos Puckerin, happened to be in the right place at the right time and purchased Train Station Fitness Centre and changed it over to his brand.

Detroit-born and Windsor raised, Puckerin enjoys dual Canadian and U.S. citizenship.

He attended both Assumption and St. Joseph’s high schools, where he participated in football, basketball and baseball. In the latter, he was known as “Little Cecil” — a tribute to Detroit Tigers favourite, Cecil Fielder.

After graduation, he enrolled in the Business Administration program at St. Clair College. During his first year he opened his first business, a clothing store on Howard Avenue. It met with such great success that he was “unofficially” counselled by one of his collegiate profs to consider foregoing year two of the program, and, in turn, invest his educational funds back into his business. So he took that advice and the business continued to grow as he transitioned its operations to include online sales.

It was during these years that Puckerin began to admit how physically out of shape he was as he tipped the scales between 310 to 325 pounds. Elders in his family had begun to experience some health problems because of poor diet and nutrition and lack of exercise. Puckerin himself had not worried about health issues until his beloved grandmother experienced some of her own.

“My concern had not been with my health,” he recalls. “I was more concerned on if there was gravy with those potatoes.”

His grandmother’s health issues made him realize the food he was eating now could have negative repercussions for his future.

Determined to get back into shape, Puckerin became, in his words, “gym-obsessed.”

One of his first trainers showed him the importance of having a personal trainer for direction, motivation and accountability. Through his hard work and dedication, Puckerin was able to lose over 100 pounds and transform his body into an impressive chiselled piece of work.

Years later, Puckerin was attending a health and fitness expo in Windsor and met Chris Brookbanks, FL3X Fitness General Manager.

Puckerin describes Brookbanks as “the younger brother I never had, but always wanted.” Both had come through the experience of losing 100 pounds in less than a year through becoming gym-obsessed.

They soon joined forces at The Challenge Centre on McDougall Avenue and Puckerin also offered his services for a year with World Gym where he went from Trainer to Marketing Manager, covering Southwestern Ontario. From there, he celebrated the grand opening of FL3X Fitness in October 2017 and brought Brookbanks with him.

The club offers a number of membership and program options and features top of the line Hammer Strength equipment, steam rooms, childcare, an outdoor facility and many luxury pieces of equipment such as the Jacobs Ladder, Woodway Treadmills, and a reACT machine. And they are open 24/7 with plenty of parking on site.

Currently, they have a membership of 1,200 and 300 individuals working with one of their 15 to 20 personal trainers. They also sell their own FL3X brand of nutritional supplements and sports fashion attire.

Puckerin believes that what sets FL3X Fitness apart from other gyms “is less a concern with memberships, and more a personal concern with their members.”

They are invested in their members’ total physical development.

“We provide nutritional and diet information, so our members can make a commitment to eating healthy meals. We’ve created a strong membership experience for all of our members, no matter what their fitness level and goals are, when they first walk through the doors.”

Carlos Puckerin, Fitness Owner

Building on the success of their first year — and responding to numerous inquiries from persons in the city core and the south and west ends of the city — FL3X Fitness is excited to announce the opening of their second location at 2459 Dougall Avenue in the Dorwin Plaza, adjacent to Springz Trampoline and Amusement Park.

This will be a significantly larger facility that will feature a dedicated women’s only section. They are planning a May 2019 opening, with their pre-sale office opening in January.

For more information visit their website ( or drop into FL3X Fitness at 10700 Tecumseh Road East and say hello to Carlos, Chris and all the fine fitness folks working there.

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