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Antonino’s Original Pizza Delivered to B.C.

As we all know Windsor pizza is the BEST! And so 2 men in Victoria, BC who were willing to spend $600 to have pies from Antonino’s Original Pizza delivered to them over 4,000 km! Check out this Global News story.

For one busy Windsor, Ontario pizzeria that doesn’t deliver, except for advance catering orders of $85 or more, even this order’s a doozy — 10 large pizzas delivered 4,000km overnight to Colwood, British Columbia!

When Averey Meloche, Digital Media Manager for Antonino’s Original Pizza, received an email from John Palmer, a former Windsorite now living in B.C., he put the wheels in motion to prepare the order: 10 large pizzas, half-cooked, wrapped and frozen, ready for shipping.

This isn’t the first time Antonino’s has prepared pizzas to be shipped nationally. According to Meloche, “It’s always a Windsorite abroad who is missing their world-class hometown pizza that makes it happen. Goes to show there’s really nothing like Windsor-style pizza.”

While Antonino’s got to work on the 10 Original Super pizzas, John made two calls: one to Abdul, an employee of the UPS store on Dougall Avenue in Windsor, to set up the shipment. “Any time a customer wants to ship pizza long distance, I direct them to call Abdul,” explains Joe Ciaravino, President of Antonino’s Original Pizza, “There’s no one else better to get the job done right!”

The other call was to an old friend living in Windsor—one he had not spoken to in years—to pick up the pizzas and bring them to the UPS store on Dougall.

Shipping alone cost John around $350. After mixing in the cost of the pizzas, he spent over $600 for a taste of home, “This was not an economical decision. This was an emotional decision.”

It took one day for the pizzas to arrive on his doorstep in B.C. That day, John invited his father, his father’s wife, and his sister-in-law, all former Windsorites, to a nostalgic dinner, “We sat around and had Windsor pizza and talked about the good old days, and it was exactly what we had remembered. It was just a wonderful evening.”

Since the story of this long-distance delivery has spread, Antonino’s has been receiving numerous requests to ship their pizza long distance to both Canada and the United States. Antonino’s has even recently received a request to ship pizzas internationally to Dubai.

To put plainly, Windsor-style pizza is becoming a thing. Just last year a full-length, award-winning documentary about it was released, titled “the Pizza City You’ve Never Heard Of”, directed by Tristan Laughton and executive produced by George Kalivas.

Since the 1950s, the tale of Windsor’s world-class pizza has lived in a local bubble. It appears now that Windsor-style pizza is finally on its way to taking its rightful place amongst the world’s most famous pizza giants like New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

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