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“Back With The Blues” CD Release

Seasoned Windsor, Ontario musicians Kevin K. Gagnon and Jeffrey David, aka Jeff Oppen, are “Back With The Blues.” The new album Back With The Blues drops everywhere June 19, 2022. Under the band name Kevin & JD, the two artists have enjoyed much success on streaming services and in online and print magazines in both the US and Europe, as well as radio airplay in the US and right here at home in Canada.

Both artists have not only played locally over the years but have also experienced their share of touring.

Kevin has probably played with every area band or artist you could think of. A highly sought-after bassist, as well as playing bass for this group, Kevin shows us he is also an extremely talented guitarist. With contradistinguishing sounds and styles, he and JD share all the solos on the album, and the result is pure magic.

JD may be best known as Jeff Oppen from one of Canada’s premiere eighties independent metal bands, Wicked Angel. The band toured extensively in the U.S. throughout the eighties and were later signed to CDN Records. JD now fronts the heavy blues trio Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION who are currently working on their third album.

Both Kevin & JD have solo albums available which can be found at all major online music retailers and streaming services.

While Kevin has been in numerous bands over the years and toured with the likes of Destiny and Blind Alley, he performs regularly with local rockers The Formula. Kevin’s solo release “It Is What It Is,” is the culmination of over four decades as a recording artist.

Kevin & JD first gained worldwide attention with their official music video “LOCKDOWN,” released just a couple weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020. The video can be found on their web page.

Blues and rock fans alike are sure to enjoy the eight new tracks on “Back With The Blues,” this time with the inclusion of piano, organ, brass and also special guest vocalist and local Windsor artist Bernadette on the single/pre-release track, “Who’s The Boss.” The album was mixed and mastered by JD Oppen at Thunder Sound Studio, Ontario, Canada.

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