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Yeah Baby, Biz X magazine #250!!!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and were able to spend it with family and friends.

I trust you were able to recharge your mental batteries and now are ready to make 2023 your best year yet. I know I am, as is my dedicated team!

We start this year off with another celebration.

In our November/December 2022 we marked 25 years of Biz X Awards and I thanked my family and freelance team extensively.

For many years, our awards edition has marked a special number of issues, such as in 2017 when the 20th awards tribute was our 200th issue. We were cruising along this same time frame until the pandemic shutdown life as we knew it in March 2020.

As a result our April issue had to be combined with May, but it wasn’t all bad! We only missed this one magazine since we began. Every issue has kept to schedule.

So the issue you are now reading, I am proud to say is our 250th!

It’s been a wild ride since our first issue in February 1998, but oh, have we grown! We expanded our distribution area, changed our look, created a complex website and added a digital edition.

We are thankful to our readers, clients, suppliers, families and friends who always support everything we do.

Whereas this business is in some ways feels like “my baby” — as each edition involves a ton of labour (LOL!) — there are certain covers that have a special meaning for me. Our annual award cover photos by Rod Denis are always my top choices, along with the issue my sister Della and my nephew Dylan (two for him!) appeared on.

Whereas we generally feature local businesses and organizations on our covers, a few times over the years we have been lucky enough to have interviewed big celebs.

Pictured is a photo of me meeting Food Network star Chef Guy Fieri when he came to do a show at Caesars Windsor. The Biz X team had interviewed him beforehand for our May 2011 cover . . . definitely was a highlight of my career as was meeting Gordon Ramsay the year before.

Who will be chosen for future covers? Don’t miss an issue and find out!

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