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Biz X magazine April 2018 Vol 21 Issue 4

Biz X magazine April 2018 Vol 21 Issue 4

Biz X magazine April 2018 Vol 21 Issue 4 – ON THE COVER — “Get Smart!” — Maxwell Smart, secret agent in the 1960’s TV show, “Get Smart” would sure be impressed when he sees what his shoe phone can do these days! The rate at which everyday home technology is advancing is incredible. Smart technology, Wi-Fi capabilities, Internet accessibility, and the instinctive desire of mankind to accomplish more on their own terms and schedule are the driving force behind these advancements. The sky is the limit as we embrace the future of Smart technology in our homes. Photo credit: © Can Stock photo/stockcreations

table of contents

4 Funny Stuff
5 From The Publisher: The Search Is On For Nurse Of The Year
6 Editorial Viewpoint: A Hum Dinger Secret – With the return of the “Windsor Hum” late last year, speculation has intensified that the source is Zug Island’s U.S. Steel operations. Columnist Alan Halberstadt examines why nobody has filed a class action suit against the alleged culprit.
8 Front Lines
11 Event Profile: The Kidney Foundation of Canada “Celebrity Men Fashion Event”
12 Milestones: Running Factory Marks 25 Years
13 Heard On The Street
14 Newsflash
16 Dates To Remember
26 Generation YKNOT: Google Home, Alexa & Nest
27 Have A Cup Of Joe With Joe: Great Lakes Technical Training
29 Take The Lead: What Makes Tepperman’s Successful?
30 Portfolio Corner
31 Corporate Spotlight: The Windsor-Essex Capital Angel Network
32 Food For Thought: Old Dutch Guys Chocolate – To quote Forest Gump, “Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But when you visit the Old Dutch Guys Chocolate shop in Kingsville there will always be 24 flavours of truffles waiting for your arrival! (Middle photo of chocolate display cases courtesy of Cor Boon).
34 Hot Shots: 20th Annual In Honour Of The Ones We Love Gala
38 Making A Sound Living: The Mother Of All Trade Shows — “NAMM”
41 XX Files: Judene McCalla, See You There Hand-Crafted Invitations
42 Hot Shots: Inc. WEST’s “International Women’s Day Gala” – Every year on this special day, Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor (WEST) celebrates this international event to honour outstanding women and men in the local community. Biz X photographer Rod Denis had his camera in hand to get a few shots of those in attendance, including one of the many 2018 event sponsors, (pictured at left), Peter Blanken, CEO of On Site Services (IT consulting, integration and maintenance services) who was “on site” at the gala with his wife Beth.
44 From The Bookshelf : “No Kids Required” Book Launch
45 The Way It Was: A Century Of Service, The Rotary Club of Windsor (1918)
46 Biz Of The Month: Comfort Mobility Inc. Home Health Care

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