Biz X magazine January 2020 – Vol 23 Issue 1

Biz X magazine January 2020 – Vol 23 Issue 1

ON THE COVER — “Under Pressure!” — 18
We talk with former National Hockey League goaltender Clint Malarchuk in November before his speaking engagement at the Stigma Enigma 6th annual “Mingle For Maryvale” Adolescent Mental Health Centre. During this evening he shared his extraordinary life story — which includes his long battle with alcoholism and almost ending his life by a gunshot to the head — in his relentless effort to help end the stigma of mental illness and to help others who may suffer as well. Over time, constant stress can contribute to serious health problems such as mental disorders. Stress can manifest itself in many ways and can be caused by a variety of issues including home life, the workplace, job loss or change and pressures at school. Finding effective ways to alleviate stress is very important. Our cover story explores how Malarchuk is coping and also offers advice from local biz pros who have experienced (or are still experiencing) stressful situations. You will soon see they all do whatever it takes to get the job done and keep their stress under control . . . and you can too! Photo by Rod Denis ( taken inside the Members’ Lounge at the Giovanni Caboto Club, 2175 Parent Avenue, Windsor.

Biz X magazine – January 2020


4 Funny Stuff
5 From The Publisher: The Odette School Of Business “Community Champions”
6 Editorial Viewpoint: Climate Change Emergency Questioned – Karina Richters, The City Of Windsor’s Supervisor, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change (photo courtesy of Karina Richters), is at the forefront of the climate change emergency declared late last year by city and county councils. Columnist Alan Halberstadt lauds the attempt, but expresses doubt that the general public will carry out the radical lifestyle changes required to meet the lofty targets of greenhouse gas emission reductions.
8 Front Lines
11 Heard On The Street
12 Milestones: Colautti Brothers’ “100 Year Anniversary Gala”
14 Newsflash
15 Biz X Was There
16 Dates To Remember
23 Tech Bytes: Stress Busters For Small Business Owners
24 Hot Shots: Stigma Enigma’s “Mingle For Maryvale”
26 Ask The Experts: As Easy As A, B, C — Composting!
27 Take The Lead: Claudette McGowan, BMO Enterprise Technology Employee Experience
28 Have A Cup Of Joe With Joe: UPcoming University Players Shows
30 Portfolio Corner: June Cleaver Or Jane Jetson?
31 XX Files: Lissa Scholl, Gopher Gal Services
32 The Parenting Biz: You Are Never Too Young To Be A CEO – Childhood games such as house and pretending to be the boss at the office introduce kids to the world of business at a very young age. With drive and ambition, any child can grow up to become a CEO running their own company. As long as their parents encourage them to follow theirdreams, the sky is the limit. We introduce you to a few amazing, young local entrepreneurs. (Photo credit: © CanStock Photo/alkir)
37 Memories From “Windsor ComiCon”
38 Making A Sound – Living: Tom McDonough, Mi5 Recordings Detroit 40 Hot Shots: The 24th Annual “Wines Of The World” 42 Awards Spotlight: The Third Annual “Evening Of Excellence”
44 Hot Shots: The 6th Annual “Artilicious” – This fundraiser for The Kidney Foundation of Canada was made for foodies with its all you can eat appetizers and desserts. There was something for everyone! Volunteers Melanie Allen (left in photo by Rod Denis) and Sandra Silveira served cinnamon sugar and old fashioned glazed donut holes from Plant Joy, one of 29 participating businesses. The bakery provides vegan doughnuts made with organic and fair-trade ingredients. These bite sized treats were absolutely scrumptious and put a sweet smile on the faces of non-vegans too. So, what else was served at “Artilicious”? WARNING: Viewing these photos may cause extreme hunger, LOL.
46 Awards Spotlight: The 22nd Annual “Biz X Awards Gala”
52 From The Bookshelf: An Anthology Of Poetry & Surrendering To The Will Of God
53 The Way It Was: WWII Veteran Shares His Thoughts And Experiences On Service And Duty For Our Country
54 Biz Of The Month: Barnet Custom Fabrication Inc.

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