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Cherish Family More Than Presents At Christmas Time

Why We Should Cherish Family More Than Presents At Christmas Time

How is it that nowadays,, Christmas is more fixated on the giving aspect but what are we truly giving? According to a 2016 unscientific study hosted by The Today Show, most moms out of the 6,000 that were studied, planned to spend an average of over $250 per child for Christmas. When were kids, we grew up believing that Santa brought us everything we could dream of yet it obviously wasn’t Santa.

As my siblings and I get older, we drift apart in more than one way. We’re all doing different jobs, moving away and of course this prohibits us from seeing each other. This is where the holidays come in at a great time. The holidays give us a chance to reconnect again and talk about the good and the bad times. As the youngest of three at 20-years-old, it makes it difficult for us all to connect due to our age gaps. My brother is 25 and my sister is 30. That being said, my mother insisted that we’re all together for Christmas and of course, none of us really said anything because whatever mom says, go’s!

If I think back to even a few years ago, we always had our traditions. We would all get up early and open presents, followed by a Christmas breakfast and spending time together for the rest of the day. Now that we are all older and know (shield your kids eyes) that Santa doesn’t really exist, we don’t really give a lot of gifts but more so money because let’s face it, you thought your kids were hard to buy for a teenagers, try buying for them when they’re adults. My parents will definitely vouch for that one, it gets way harder.

So as adults, it’s not a huge excitement for presents but the excitement comes from the family spending time together because someday, you won’t be able to.

Big family or small, cherish the holidays and bring your family together, it’s the time spent together that counts not the gifts or even the timing. As long as your family is together, the gifts shouldn’t matter. Take it from a young adult, as you grow older, you’re going to want to spend as much time as you can with your family.

I also believe the holidays should be more about time spent together rather than money spent on each other due to how society is constantly evolving with the latest technology that comes with a bigger price tag. When I was younger, I would remember seeing all these other children gossip and gloat about what they got for their birthdays and how much it costed. In reality, back then and now, a lot of families don’t have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on technology and bundles of toys.

How would you feel if a child came to school, gloating about their latest iPhone or tablet and your child is use to getting socks and a few small toys? None of which is your fault, but the way a child looks at how much something costs can also bring back some harsh feelings towards their parents in the sense that, my parents don’t love me enough to get me that toy or my parents can’t afford a toy everyone else is playing with. This why from a young age, children should learn that it’s not all about the gifts and how much money goes into our celebrations but it’s about how much time and love goes into the moments we should cherish while we are all together.

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