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City of Windsor Restarts Storefront Cannabis Survey

Storefront Cannabis Survey

City of Windsor Restarts Storefront Cannabis Survey

The City of Windsor is restarting the Storefront Cannabis survey following new funding information supplied by the province.

In the original survey, released on Friday, the opt out information indicated funding would be capped at $10,000 dollars. 

New information from the province is that Windsor will receive a first payment from the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund (the “Fund”) in January 2019 in the amount of $253,279 regardless of whether we opt-in or opt-out.  This funding is based on 2018 MPAC household numbers. 

If the City of Windsor opts out by January 22, 2019, however, the second payment from the Fund will be capped at $5,000.  If Windsor residents don’t opt-out the second payment will be based on household numbers and will not be capped at $5,000. 

Please take the New Storefront Cannabis Sales Survey

Previous results of the storefront cannabis survey will be deleted and the new results will be compiled between now and January 4, 2019.  The information will be shared with Windsor City Council to aid in their decision ahead of the province’s January 22, 2019 “opt out” deadline.


  • On October 17, 2018 Cannabis was legalized in Canada by the federal government, thereby allowing consumers 19 years of age or older to purchase recreational cannabis through an online retail platform.  In Ontario, the Ontario Cannabis store operates the online platform.
  • On April 1, 2019, Ontario will allow licensed private sector retailers to sell recreational cannabis from storefronts in communities across the province. Municipalities have two options: to opt out of allowing retail storefront sales entirely or to allow retail storefront sales

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