Windsor Guitar Prodigy Christian Vegh in Semi Finals of Worldwide Songwriting Competition

Christian Vegh is a local musician known for his amazing guitar playing.  This year he has been focusing on getting up his songwriting skills and vocals to match.  Apparently it’s starting to pay off as Vegh moves on to the semi finals of a Worldwide competition. 

The “International Songwriting Competition” chose Vegh for three categories, Blues and unsigned artist for “Chains in Mind” and Instrumental for “The Farm “ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world” Both of these songs were written to highlight the guitar – “The Farm” has over 20 time changes and I got to play it live when I was featured for “Metal” at the Berklee Performance Center”.   

There is no public voting for the International Songwriting Contest it’s all up to the judges but Christian was excited to find out that Joe Bonamassa, his idol is one of the judges and will get a chance to hear his original music.   “Just having music superstars like Bonamassa and the Music industry judging your songs is an amazing opportunity”

His most recent release is “Worthy” an acoustic pop song that has more emphasis on lyrics and vocals.   Although Christian didn’t move on to the CBC Searchlight Regional finals his guitar skills did, as he is the guitarist for Sydney Matlock single “Follow You”.   He hopes the whole community supports his Berklee classmate and they are currently collaborating on a new song. Visit his website here.

Windsor/Essex Rising Star Sydney Matlock – CBC Searchlight Regional Finalist

Local Pop/Country singer-songwriter Sydney Matlock is a Regional Finalist for 2017 CBC Searchlight Competition.  Debuting her very first single “Follow Me” which was produced by Marty Bak at SLR Studios with Christian Vegh on guitar and a Searchlight video produced by Ian Mandt. 

Sydney was also a finalist in the Canada South Songwriting Contest, which was featured at the Kingsville Folk Festival with headliner Buffy St. Marie.  

This Berklee College of Music student is making a name for herself as Vice President/Co-Administrator of the Berklee Songwriting Club and Social Media and Marketing Manager of “Treble Threat” an all female A Cappella group.  She is planning on interning in Nashville this summer for songwriting.  Sydney recently performed at the Biz X Awards in Windsor and at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston.  

Voting ends March 13th at 3pm.  A Searchlight Industry Panel will pick one finalist from each region. In addition two finalists with the highest amount of votes will automatically move on in the competition.

Windsor/Essex you can support our local artist by voting daily here.

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