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Dalhousie Street

Six distinctive restaurants along a historical stretch of Dalhousie Street are quickly turning Amherstburg into a dining destination to rival any across the county.

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By Dave Hall
Located within two blocks of each other, the Lord Amherst Public House, Artisan Grill, Beacon Ale House, The Cellar, Riccardo’s Italian Restaurant and the Dalhousie Bistro all offer different menus featuring locally sourced products, as well as high-quality ingredients from across Ontario and beyond.
And all the menus are enhanced by a selection of Essex County and imported wines, as well as Ontario craft beers and popular imports.
“I think my menu is completely different from everyone else’s and I imagine most of the owners will say the same,” believes David Languedoc, Owner of the Dalhousie Bistro.
“I think if we all continue serving high-quality distinctive food that we will all survive. He adds that “Having this many fine restaurants in such a small area can only bring in more diners and that will help us all.” Nick Nedin, who opened Beacon Ale House in the summer, thinks there are more than enough diners to go around.
“I believe in growing the pie, rather than splitting it and a critical mass of fine restaurants such as we have along Dalhousie street can only help Amherstburg’s growing reputation as a dining destination,” states Nedin.
Long considered one of the county’s best kept secrets, Amherstburg is emerging as one of the more popular communities for those seeking something different and its Dalhousie Street dining scene is a major contributor to that fresh image.
“I’ve seen a lot of restaurants come and go over the years, but I think the latest six are all doing something different, which will help us all remain successful,” says Riccardo Maltese, Owner of Riccardo’s. “People are becoming more sophisticated about their dining choices and you have to offer something distinct and consistent.”

Housed in historic buildings and renovated private homes, all six restaurants offer something different, including classic Italian fare, British pub food, artisanal cheeses and pates, carefully selected food and wine pairings, Ontario craft beers, seasonal menus, wines from local award-winning wineries
and meats and produce from farmers across Essex County.
Now, let’s get to know each restaurant a little better as we take you on a tour of Dalhousie Street and its successful dining establishments.

Closing in on celebrating three years in business, Artisan Grill Owner and Chef Matthew Johnston first fell in love with the location and history of the building, which formerly housed the Bullock Tavern and Caldwell’s Grant.
“It’s an incredible space and a great deal of sweat equity from friends and family went into turning it into what you see today,” says Johnston who has spent 19 years in the hospitality industry, most recently with Moxie’s.


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