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Premier Doug Ford Reinforces Michigan Trade Ties

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Premier Doug Ford Reinforces Michigan Trade Ties

Premier Doug Ford spoke on the phone yesterday with Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan. The call was an opportunity for the Premier to connect directly with Governor Snyder, and build on the mutually beneficial trade relationship between the two jurisdictions.

“Ontario and Michigan share a very valuable trade partnership,” said Ford. “We’re their number one customer. We trade more than US$64 billion in goods every year, and our automotive and agri-food sectors support thousands of jobs on both sides of the border. Governor Snyder and I spoke openly about the importance of continued trade. We agree that our economic ties are crucial for creating the good local jobs people depend on.”

Ontario and Michigan’s auto sectors are closely linked through integrated supply chains, and the trade relationship is critical to economies on both sides of the border. Together, Ontario and Michigan account for approximately 25 per cent of North America’s vehicle production. In fact, a car or truck may cross the border up to seven times before it is completed.

The call focused on strengthening trade between both jurisdictions and removing barriers that hinder economic growth and job creation. Premier Ford and Governor Snyder agreed to work closely together to make certain that Ontario and Michigan continue to deliver strong economic output and drive job creation throughout the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region.

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