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DWBIA Ends Sponsorship of Parades

2018 Canada Day parade and Santa Claus Parade return to Downtown Windsor

DWBIA Ends Sponsorship of Canada Day and Santa Claus Parades

Although the DWBIA was thrilled to have partnered again with the Windsor Parade Corporation to host the 2018 and 2019 Canada Day and Santa Claus Parades, both of which ushered in thousands of spectators to the core, DWBIA membership has decided to place its focus and efforts elsewhere for 2020.

Brian Yeomans, DWBIA Chair, says that the general consensus of the membership is that although the Parades bring joy to thousands of residents and visitors, “for a number of valid reasons, including economic, we are opting to support other ventures and opportunities that directly benefit our members.”

“It has been a pleasure to sponsor both Parades these past couple of years, which are both spectacular. They’re a testament to the hard work and passion of the Windsor Parade Corporation.”

Yeomans adds that although the DWBIA will no longer be financially supporting the Parades — which cost the membership a total of $40,000 a year — the Parades would still be welcome downtown.

“Should the Windsor Parade Corporation find a sponsor who sees value in keeping the downtown routes for the parades, we would be more than happy to host them.”

As the DWBIA exists to effectively represent the interests of all its member sectors, “our mandate is to ensure that we listen to our membership and contribute to events and efforts that uplift the economic vitality of the downtown district,” adds Yeomans.

“We’re most certainly looking forward to the new ventures we have in store that will engage our business owners, residents and visitors.”

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