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Family Respite Services Receives Over $750,000

Family Respite Services Receives Over $750,000 In Funding

Family Respite Services (FRS) say they are thrilled to have partnered with several INvestors who are IN so that families can access a new respite home for their children living with a disability. FRS is in dire need of a new respite home on Howard Ave. and the I’m IN Campaign highlights this urgent respite need in our community.

Building Opportunities, Strengthening Community

FRS says it plans to build a new respite home (4400 Howard Ave) next door to the current respite home (4360 Howard Ave.) The Weekend with Friends Program will continue to operate at 4360 Howard Ave. while the new home is being built so that there will be no interruption of services for families. With the completion of the home, the program will transition to the new site. It will be a beautiful addition to the neighbourhood and to our community.

The home being used at the present time is significantly outdated and was never built with this kind of specialized use in mind. Our community needs a new respite home which can accommodate the needs of the children/youth whose families who rely on having out of home respite support. A more flexible space, designed to be welcoming, accessible, safe and integrated in our community is needed. As the only out of home respite program for children with disabilities living in Windsor, the need is critical.

FRS say they need to raise $1.5 Million Dollars in order to make this dream home a reality. Today, they ask the community, if you are IN?

“The vision at FRS is a community where all families are strong and all children belong. Helping families to be strong includes providing a wide range of services and supports for families who have children with disabilities in Windsor and Essex County. One essential part of this spectrum is the opportunity for some children to stay away from the family’s home for brief periods, which gives everyone in the family a break. The home where the children stay must be welcoming, adapted to meet their needs and fit in with our community neighbourhood. This service is critical to the community and the agency. It is a lifeline for parents, while at the same time an opportunity for the children to build friendships and participate in fun activities.” – Catharine Shanahan Executive Director

Are you IN?

Children and youth with disabilities in Windsor are IN because Weekend with Friends has changed their lives and have made them feel INcluded in our community.

Invaluable The Weekend with Friends Home has been Invaluable for families who care caring for a child with a disability. Parents are IN because the program is a need-not a want. This home will provide their children with a safe place to build relationships and develop skills, it’s their home away from home. Weekend with Friends provides families renewal, a chance to recharge their batteries while strengthening the family as a whole.

Being INvolved with an in-kind donation will make a difference in the lives of the families that will use this “home away from home”. Are you IN because the children are counting on you to help build a new home. With your help we can build this opportunity while strengthening Windsor-Essex.

Are you INvested in children and youth with disabilities?

Do you see the importance of providing children and youth with disabilities an opportunity just like their peers? Families hope that you see value in contributing to the Weekend with Friends Home so that we can ignite the vision of Family Respite Services – a community where families are strong and ALL children belong.

The Solcz Family Foundation was the first INvestor for a new respite home.

Individuals and Businesses who have committed to being all IN are . . .

  • W.E. Care for Kids
  • Canadian Slovak Villa of Windsor
  • Poirier Electric
  • Meloche Windows
  • David & Magdelena Dean
  • Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU)
  • Facca Inc
  • Roth Mosey Partners
  • Xperience Home Health Care
  • Antonino’s Original Pizza
  • CopperTree Financial
  • LK Metal Products
  • Syles Mechanical
  • Dianne Keillor
  • Bluewater Pools, Spas, Patio Furniture and Decor
  • Dry Parlour
  • EMCO Plumbing
  • Windsor Real Estate Board
  • Dr. Tom Elsdon and Mary Deganais

Family Respite Services (FRS) is a community organization working with 1100 families caring for children/youth (0-18 years of age) with disabilities in Windsor/Essex. FRS supports families with children/youth with developmental and/or physical disabilities and children/youth with Mental Health Challenges. The FRS mission is to have a community where families are strong and ALL children belong. FRS relies on community partners to make this mission come alive in Windsor/Essex. Can you help make this dream respite home a reality for the children? 

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