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From The Heart

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As many Windsor and area residents know, my 10 1/2 year-old greyhound dog, Vici, was attacked by a loose pit bull on April 26, 2019 during a late afternoon walk on Ouellette Avenue with my other greyhound, Tessie.

Vici sustained significant bites, lacerations and other traumatic injuries before I could release her from the jaws of the attacker.

Tessie escaped and was not harmed. I sustained four bite marks to my left hand which required antibiotic care. They have since healed. Vici eventually succumbed to her injuries and died of cardiac arrest in the early morning hours on May 1, 2019 at Walker Road Animal Hospital.

Vici was whelped (born) on December 2, 2008 in West Virginia and raced under the name of “Coach Terri” in Florida and Alabama. After her racing career ended, she made the trip north to Canada and was adopted by me on April 27, 2012.

I renamed her Vici, since she was now a resident of Victoria Avenue.

She was an amazing dog and had the heart of a champion. Yet, the injuries she sustained in the dog attack were so severe, despite her valiant attempts, she was unable to cross the finish line.

I want to thank my Biz X magazine family for their support and concern. I also thank the Biz X readers and the countless other Windsor and area residents for their massive outpouring of love and support for Vici.

Please be assured that I am taking appropriate action to ensure this type of unprovoked attack never happens again in our region.

We need the authorities responsible for the oversight and enforcement of existing provincial and municipal laws regarding dangerous dogs to be accountable for the safety of all in our community.

In Vici’s memory, and on behalf of Tessie, I once again thank you for your love and support,

…. Joe

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Joe retired January 2015 as a Superintendent from a 26 year career with the Canada Border Services Agency in Windsor. Since then he has jettisoned into a number of exciting new opportunities. Joe is in his 13th year as a volunteer with TVCogeco as their on air personality at Windsor City and Essex County Council Meetings, and his 11 years as a registered Ontario Marriage Officiant. Joe now shares his talents and numerous life experiences with Biz X as a regular blogger, columnist and any other “Joe – Jobs” we can find for him.