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Heard on the Street June 2017

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Heard on the Street June 2017

A long-time Windsor hair salon is closing its doors next month and the entire staff is moving to a new location on Ottawa Street. Katherine Sims, who has worked at T’Dye For Salon at 1464 Ottawa Street for nine years, is opening Elysian Beauty Bar, in partnership with her sister Maria Mouammar, at 871 Ottawa Street in mid-July. “I just think it’s time for me to take that next step as a business owner,” says Sims, whose sister is moving back to Windsor from Dubai to help run the new salon. “It’s a challenge, but we’re taking everyone with us and all our clients will have their appointments honoured at the new location, so we think it will be a seamless transition.” Elysian will offer many of the same services, which are currently offered at T’Dye For, including hairstyling, colouring, facials, lash extensions and esthetic treatments.

Jeffery Wood, who opened T’Dye For 15 years ago, is also moving to the new salon. “I’m ready for a new chapter in my life,” says Wood. “In fact, I talked Katherine into it and I’m very happy to be joining her in a new business venture.” Wood continues by stating he is “very excited and looking forward to it. We had a great run here at T’Dye For and it’s time to start another run somewhere else.” Sims said the empty space at the corner of Ottawa and Parent Avenue is currently being renovated aimed at meeting the mid-July opening date.

A Windsor couple has taken over a former breakfast and lunch restaurant on Tecumseh Road East, at Jefferson Boulevard, and turned it into a family-style Mexican restaurant. Susana and Armando Armas opened The Three Amigos in early May after closing their original restaurant in Cottam after two years of operation. “We had been looking for a new busier location with more traffic and when this restaurant closed, we thought it was a great location,” says Susana of the former Eggsmart restaurant, which closed abruptly last year. The menu features authentic Mexican food including flautas, chile rellenos, chicken fajitas, chips, salsa, pico de gallo and guacamole.

 The City of Windsor, self-proclaimed champion of restraint, has taken a few on the chin recently from its employee groups and the Ontario Pay Equity Commission. The city will shell out $11.6 million over four years, to the end of 2020, to cover new four year contracts with its two union groups and its non-union employees. The costing news began in late January when the city’s 295 outside workers, represented by CUPE Local 82, settled a four year deal with the key component being wage increases of 1.25 percent per year. Local 543.1, representing 1,400 inside workers, agreed to terms in late February with the same accumulated five percent wage boost over four years. The city’s non-union workers received matching percentage wage increases. A minor gain for the city was an agreement, effective February 27, to increase the co-pay for over-the-counter prescription drugs from $2 to $5. A group of inside workers who park in city lots downtown have seen their subsidized fees increase from $20 per month to $25 in 2017 and $30 per month in 2018. Travel insurance was reduced to 90 days from 180 days, but employees received improved vision, massage therapy, dental and foot orthotics coverage. The hit to taxpayers from each group is $1,737,256 for Local 82; $6,108,461 for Local 543.1 and $4,749,009 for non unionists. The news from the pay equity commission started rolling in April when the Sunshine List revealed three female directors for Windsor Police Services received huge retroactive payouts ordered by the Pay Equity Commission. The Director of Financial Services pulled down $427,272 in 2016, the Director of Information Services $270,608 and the Director of Human Resources $258,080. Fast forward to May and along came news of another order from Pay Equity nailing the city for back pay estimated at tens of thousands of dollars for life guards at the downtown aquatics centre and Adventure Bay. The city promptly appealed the ruling, claiming the reduction in salary for the female-dominated group, from $18 an hour to $15 an hour, was agreed upon by CUPE to avert contracting out.

Dari de Lite is one of Windsor’s oldest family businesses and recently opened for its 46th season selling both soft-serve and hard ice cream at 2686 Howard Avenue. It opened in 1972 when Albert Shalhoub bought a former Dairy Queen and after a proposed lease deal with a client fell through, he decided to learn how to run an ice cream business, according to his grandson John Paul Malette. “My parents John and Renee Malette bought the business in the early 1980s and it has since been passed down to myself and my three sisters,” says Malette. “It’s been in the family for almost 50 years and we have been very fortunate to have been blessed with great customers and great employees over the years.”

Malette, a Financial Analyst for Little Caesars in Michigan, and his sisters Jacqueline Biswas, a Rheumatologist, Rachelle Christensen, a Pharmacist, and Gabrielle Malette, a dentistry student at Western University in London, all take turns working in the store. Malette is increasing the store’s social media presence and last year bought a mobile unit, which is used for weddings, corporate and community events and during area festivals. “This is our first full season with the mobile trailer and based on the second half of last summer, it should be very popular,” says Malette.

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