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If them …Why not you?


If them …Why not you?

Ava was getting out of a bakery shop. She noticed a flock of people surrounding a tall, blonde hair blue eyed actress, wearing sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat signing autographs and taking pictures with others. Ava thinks to herself, wishing that people flock to her like that. Ava sighs and goes on with her day. Only if she realized she can have that dream.

Truth be told. We are born for GREATNESS. The problem is many people don’t realize this. They do not have confidence, they don’t believe in themselves, they care too much about what others think, they feel insecure and most of all they believe they are not meant for greatness. When they have these beliefs, then GREATNESS cannot be achieved this way.

So let me ask you. Why not you? What makes you think that you can’t? What is stopping you? Why do you think you are not the chosen one?

Sometimes we are afraid of the power we have within us. Afraid of success, afraid of exposure. When you have gifts hidden then why do you hide them? We want to see it.

We want to be impressed by it. We want to congratulate you. But if you keep it hidden how will the world know?

I strongly believe that we are all great at something .We need to spend time with ourselves to find.

When you have a dream. Grasp it and hold on to it.

You have to believe in yourself my friend. It is very important. This is the first step to achieving your GREATNESS. You must have faith that you are good enough to do this. You are talented in enough to achieve this and you are great enough for GREATNESS. Without believing in yourself how can your dreams be fulfilled? It is like amazing potential going to waste. You have to change your mindset and have perspective in your life. Whatever insecurities and low confidence you face, it is hurting you and your life. Start looking at the positives of living the dream and making it come into fruition, and believing in yourself is the only way you are going to get there.

There is no question, you will have naysayers or people that try to discourage you and make you feel that you can never do this. Ask yourself. Who is the source you are getting this information from? Are there any facts to what they have to say? Probably not and they probably don’t believe that they can do it, so they will tell you the exact same thing. We all have our own minds and make our own decisions. Stop listening to others negative opinions and start thinking for yourself. You can do it. I know you can. If there are 10000 people who say you can’t then be that one person who says  “I WILL.” If you truly know your worth and you know what you are capable of, then why listen to the people who don’t think it is possible? And why does their opinion mean anything to you. Listen to the people who encourage you. The people who love you will tell you that you can. So stick with these exceptional people who have your best interest at heart.

Think of GREATNESS as your long lost love who you are trying to find and reconcile with. You must find it embrace and grow with it.

Your first inspiration should be who you see in the mirror. Yes You. You are telling your story. Not me, your families or anyone else. This is your life, your path, your direction and your journey. Your destiny is being created by you. Once you are on the road in your path to finding happiness and success, then you won’t give yourself a reason to quit.

Do not fear starting on your path. Nobody can start from the top. They have to start from the beginning. It may seem scary but it’s not. And over time you will be at a steady pace.

I will share a small example. After I won my battle with panic attacks. I felt scared, exposed. Because now I started a new life and a new transition. It felt hard at first but it became easier after a couple weeks. I then decided to write an inspirational post on a YouTube comment section and it received over 600 likes .It became the catalyst to write a small article called never give up and share it with my community and it got good feedback. I could have been afraid to keep going but I wasn’t. So I wrote another inspirational article then another and another and soon my articles were being shared by prominent people who accepted my work selflessly. I was feeling that I was on to something good, which can help others. Then I decided to start social media and reach a wider audience in addition to my great community in Windsor. I am also finishing up a website that promotes wellness. And I am still at it all. Fearless, happier and finding the greatness within me.

You will never know how far you can go in life if you do not even try. Not trying will never give you results and always make you wish. All I ask you to do is start somewhere. It is better than not starting at all.

Here is my list of finding your GREATNESS:

  • Find your passion. What do you love? What are you good at?
  • You must start (GREATNESS is not affiliated with just talking about doing something. Don’t wish, just do. With action come results.
  • Be fearless
  • Stay consistent
  • Believe, achieve and yes you will succeed. You are already half way there when you believe in yourself.
  • Never get discouraged –It will get harder before it becomes easier
  • Don’t worry about failing –This is just part of the journey to being GREAT.
  • Optimism will take you further than pessimism.
  • Love what you do and you will be GREAT at it.
  • Master your craft. Spend hours trying to be the BEST at it.
  • You have to stay focused. Pay attention to your Goals. Keep blinders on and do not concern yourself with what others are doing or thinking. Especially if it is negative.

The choice is yours, but I know you are going to do GREAT things in this world. You have all the powerful tools you need to utilize your dreams. You can do it. You will make it. Move over Alexander the Great, there is a new champion on its way. So what are you waiting for champ? GREATNESS is waiting for you.

God bless you and take care. Never give up. Believe in yourself. Keep moving forward. Be a Legend.

Sincerely Danny Gautama.

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Danny Gautama
Danny Gautama has been in the fitness industry for 24 years and is a local author. He writes inspirational and motivational articles for mental health organizations after overcoming his own struggles. In addition to Biz X magazine, he also has been a guest blogger for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, and was featured in the Windsor Star. He currently lives in Windsor and is working on an inspirational book. Reach him by emailing: [email protected]