I’ll Take Little Sales All Day Long

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We have all had days where hitting goal feels like a challenge. Where the big sales just don’t seem to come in, and we handle what we consider “little sales” all day

We may, in time, begin to feel that these little sales are not worth our time.

With that mindset… you couldn’t be more wrong. The little sales, are in fact a million little victories. And if leveraged correctly, they can bring you success.

You see, the little victories are like open windows to build a customer base. It’s your chance to separate yourself from the competitors and make your customers fall in love with you and your store. Sure, they may be there to buy a sub $10 item. But if you treat them in the EXACT same way as a customer buying a $100 item, they will come back to you.

The flip side to this is that, while we love those big sales, the vast majority of money spent in stores is much more modest in comparison. So when we pay attention to those smaller sales, and find those add on opportunities, we can build not just the sale in that moment, but the opinion of your business in the mind of the customer.

Money taken in is better than none. This very simple fact means that we cannot ignore the “little fish”. We must ensure that all business feels appreciated and we take the time to leverage it.

No sale is too small.

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Jason Kerluck
Jason Kerluck has written about Cars, Tech, and more recently...Retail Sales and Management for the past decade! He brings an approach that blends psychology with common sense to get the most out of your staff and your customers.