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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Coming to Windsor

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At a time when the Trump administration is threatening to implement devastating auto tariffs, both the Conservatives and Liberals are championing a trade deal that would put 58,000 Canadian jobs at risk. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has asked to recall the House of Commons in order to ram through the TPP trade deal, which would decimate the industries already endangered by Trump’s outrageous tariffs.

“There couldn’t be a worse time to ram through the new TPP. Hearings in Washington on auto tariffs are starting today and auto communities are fighting to keep their jobs” said Tracey Ramsey, NDP Critic for International Trade. “Destroying one industry in hopes that another one will eventually grow is not diversification, it’s a death sentence for this sector.”

Global Affairs officials have admitted that the TPP would severely harm the auto and manufacturing sectors, and the sector is already projected to lose 1 in 5 jobs if Trump’s auto tariffs are implemented. Scheer’s request sends a signal to the manufacturing industry that both Conservatives and Liberals are prepared to abandon manufacturers and allow Canadian jobs to be shipped overseas.

“This weekend, I am headed to Windsor, one of the epicentres of this trade dispute and will hear from workers and businesses who are very worried about increased tariffs and unfair trade deals,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “At every turn, the NDP will stand up for Canadian workers and against the job-killing TPP.”

Source: Office of Tracey Ramsey, MP

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