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Town of LaSalle Honours Veterans

LaSalle Ontario

Town of LaSalle Honours Veterans

The Town of LaSalle, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion, has traditionally held a Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11 to honour our Veterans who have fallen, and those who continue to serve Canada today. This year, we are marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

In order to follow the public health guidelines and the provincial gathering restrictions due to Covid-19, this year’s Remembrance Day Ceremony will be streamed live on the Town’s YouTube Channel. The Town encourages members of the public to watch the service from the safety of their homes. A small number of dignitaries and officials will take part in a condensed service at the LaSalle Cenotaph. The service will be live streamed on YouTube on November 11 at 11:00 am, and will remain on the Town’s YouTube channel for viewing at any time.

In a new initiative this year, a page has been added to the Town’s website that showcases a number of residents who were involved in the Second World War. Residents or families of Veterans of LaSalle, or the former Township of Sandwich West, who took part in the Second World War, are encouraged to submit their photos and information to the Culture and Recreation Department. The webpage will be expanded to include other conflicts in the future. Visit online for more information.

LaSalle Cenotaph Park, located behind the LaSalle Civic Centre, was constructed in 2014. The original granite Cenotaph now sits atop a new platform with a larger memorial design. The unique design remembers Canada’s military personnel, and is a great teaching tool looking at some of Canada’s military history.

The most unique feature of the Cenotaph is the slotted top in the steel plate of the monument. The slotted top allows for a beam of light that traces the sun’s movement across the face of the map that is located behind the monument. The positioning of the memorial is calibrated to the sun so that the beam of light will be on central Europe at 11:00 a.m. every November 11, commemorating Remembrance Day in perpetuity.

The map of the world behind the monument feels smooth for water and textured for land. Pins on the map mark the locations where Canada’s Armed Forces have been at war or conflict and were engaged in peacekeeping missions. Located beside the map is a legend that explains Canada’s military presence over the years.

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