Leading Live with Melissa Schenk

Take The Lead - Leading Live with Melissa Schenk

Photo: How fast the tables are turned! Melissa Schenk (left) becomes the interviewee with Biz X’s Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh asking the questions.

Take The Lead – Leading Live with Melissa Schenk

Melissa Schenk, the Executive Producer and CEO of MS2 Productions (on the web: MS2.ca) is someone you instantly like as soon as you meet her.

She lights up the room with her energy and her greatest asset — emotional intelligence — makes you want to be her new best friend. I had the good fortune of meeting her when I joined a May 30 Facebook Live workshop sponsored by Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island.

It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended, giving many practical tips/ideas and ensuring we had the tools to implement them.

A key concept we learned about posting on social media, was the importance of asking people to share your content and how sharing in the first few minutes of your post impacts your overall reach. This makes offering incentives to people who share even more important.

Melissa Schenk: Media Marketing Celebrity. Photo courtesy of Silent Poetry.

Another key point is being an “influencer” or getting an “influencer” to help promote your product or brand.

The best part of the workshop was being able to have a one-on-one with Schenk. This was an opportunity to test the skills I learned in a Facebook Live video interview to promote what I do. It was a perfect opportunity to try this format and turn the tables on Schenk by interviewing her for this column.

The first question I asked was “what is your dream job?” This was an easy question for Schenk as she applied for Tourism Queensland Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” competition online and ended up in the top 10 out of more than 35,000 entries competing for the position of spokesperson and ambassador of Queensland.

I really think (now) I have found my dream job, I love working with brands I believe in and helping them be successful like Crafty Elk,” she reveals. Schenk helped a school friend market his beverage now sold at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Next I gave Schenk a scenario — Barack Obama calls you and says “Michelle and I were just given a production company and we thought there is no-one else more qualified than Melissa Schenk to give us three things that we can do to brand ourselves.”

Schenk quickly responds outlining the three key areas for success as content, creativity and consistency.

You must have content — what are you live streaming or talking about? It has to be unique so people want to stop and watch it. And it also must be presented in an interesting creative way that is consistent with your brand image.

Schenk also talks about the “Triggers of Influence.” They are Likeability: people need to like and trust you; Social Proof on-line: the evidence that shows you are successful through your social media presence and your Authority Level: what gives you clout and showcases why you are an expert in the field.

Schenk also refers to the three touch points of marketing being passion, values, and expertise.

She certainly has had an interesting career as a business consultant, TV personality, producer, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker, spokesperson for the shopping channel and author.

Using her skills acquired by working at a variety of networks for over 18 years, such as CTV, CNN, Shop NBC and The Shopping Channel, she is a risk taker who specializes in the “Power of Video” using high impact “online video” marketing to promote business for her clients through corporate storytelling.

I have always believed that when you meet someone you should think about what you can do to help that person, not how that person could help you. Schenk is the type of leader that wants to help others to succeed and it shows in her genuine interest and belief that “the impact you have on others is the greatest currency there is!”

Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh is the Director of Leadership Windsor/Essex at United Way. She is a former Principal, Chief Communications Officer and business owner with over 30 years of experience in education, administration, mentoring, and consulting and community leadership. If you know a leader in the community to profile here please email Sherrilynn.

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Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh is an award winning leadership consultant and former Director of Leadership Windsor/Essex, Principal, Chief Communications Officer and business owner with over 30 years of experience in education, administration, mentoring, consulting and community leadership. She is also the founder of Girls Rock Windsor, which supports camps across the world to develop leadership, social justice, community awareness, positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging, using music education and performance.