Ready to Build: Local Investors Support the City of Windsor’s Strengthen the Core Downtown Plan

The City of Windsor’s ambitious “Strengthen the Core” action plan has sparked renewed enthusiasm among local developers, who are eager to play a pivotal role in driving greater private sector investments into downtown Windsor. As City Council prepares to deliberate on the plan in an upcoming meeting scheduled for May 13th, anticipation is high regarding the potential commitment of additional municipal investment to bolster the revitalization initiative.

The prospect of City Council’s endorsement has garnered strong support from leaders in the local business and development community, who state that private sector investment is poised to follow suit, contingent upon Council’s backing of the plan.

Windsor’s real estate landscape has witnessed a notable surge in recent years, fueled by nationwide trends and bolstered by the local economic environment. With the right blend of support and commitment, downtown Windsor holds the promise of a transformative renewal akin to the remarkable resurgence witnessed in the City of Detroit. Investors are eagerly awaiting signals of political backing for the downtown’s transformation, which could serve as a catalyst for significant change.

Both “Strengthen the Core” and “Windsor Works” – the city’s comprehensive economic action plan advocate for the development of new residential projects within the downtown core to underpin its rejuvenation efforts. The introduction of diverse housing options within the core is poised to attract a wave of new residents, fostering a vibrant community and providing the groundwork for amenities and services. For this to occur, the inclusion of the policing recommendations in the action plan is poised to instill a sense of security among prospective residents, while simultaneously affirming the city’s commitment to supporting vulnerable populations and addressing homelessness.

It’s clear that Council’s support for downtown will drive the needed private sector investment and economic expansion in the future, far surpassing the municipal investment required today.

Developers and investors are making their voices heard in support of the Strengthen the Core Plan:

“Windsor deserves to be a world class city with a vibrant downtown core. Any initiative that helps bolster a safer and more attractive community space would be the first step in attracting new development investments. Safe communities help strengthen the residential base, which will encourage new commercial startups, starting a cycle of organic growth. I am very happy to offer my support of the new Strengthen the Core Downtown Revitalization Plan.”

Davide Petretta, Petretta Construction

City Council will debate the Plan this Monday, May 13, 2024. Residents can show their support to ensure the Plan is approved and the revitalization of Our Downtown by signing this petition, calling or emailing your City Councillor, and sharing ‘Our Downtown’ posts on your socials. Facebook and Instagram.