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Mayor Receives Hate Mail Citing Orlando Vigil

Orlando Vigil in Windsor Ontario

Windsor Mayor Receives Hate Mail Citing Orlando Vigil

I was going to start this blog post with my usual “Cup of Joe” lead-in I normally use to start my blog, but the subject matter is so disgusting it’s not funny!

It’s amazing the changes that one can experience in less than 24 hours. The weather today is one good example of that. In fact, the storms and rain we have been hit with today were actually suppose to be here Wednesday – threatening the Wednesday Night Orlando Vigil. But, thankfully, they passed us by.

Then there is the ongoing, positive and exuberant response of the multitude of people who attended last night’s Orlando Vigil and from those who have read the reviews and seen the pictures and videos in the media and social media.

Then there is the sick and twisted email that Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens received last night from a self proclaimed Windsor resident. I have also chatted with the Mayor on the phone about this email. This email is being shared with you (with the mayor’s consent) to reaffirm why nights like last night and why Pride Parades and Pride rallies are so necessary and important to combat the bigotry and hatred of a few.

The final line of this person’s email is so sick (and possibly threatening) that the email has been turned over to authorities for possible action.

The Mayor offers some of his thoughts on this person’s hatred and words.

I, for my part, thank Mayor Drew Dilkens again for being with us last night at the Orlando Vigil and for sharing his deeply personal feelings and words from his heart with the residents of Windsor. We are blessed to have your loving and compassionate leadership at times like this, Drew.

I deeply regret that this email was sent to you. I suppose, in part, that’s the cost of public life and for putting yourself out there for everyone. And, this person’s email, as vile as I see it, could simply have been deleted – but for that last sentence, the final three words written.

Sir or madam – whoever the hell you are – you are one sick and twisted person.

What follows is the email Mayor Dilkens sent to me with his thoughts and feelings on this email. It also includes the brief but poisonous email he received last night at 10 pm.

From: mayoro

Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 6:13 PM

To: #####<>

Subject: Email Received Last Night

Hi Joe,

Great job to all involved in organizing last night’s vigil. It truly was a special event for everyone in attendance, myself included.

I appreciated the positive messaging and the tone set by all speakers. In short, it was a moment that reminded me how proud I am to be the Mayor of this City.

Soon after I got home the email below arrived in my inbox. I looked at my screen for about two minutes deciding what, if anything to do with this message. My instinct was to reply to the author and tell him that his message was asinine, but that wouldn’t have been very mayoral. I thought about deleting the message and ignoring it altogether, but that just didn’t feel right. So I’m left with one option – to share it with you and others in the community in the hope that it helps punctuate the reason we all came together last night. It should serve to demonstrate to the broader community why members of the LGBT community often feel threatened and/or marginalized.

The author below claims to have lost all respect for me for attending last night’s vigil and is disgusted in our actions (as a City) with respect to lowering city flags in honour of the Orlando incident. I feel sorry that someone in my City has so much hate and shows so little compassion. If the standard to which I am being judged as Mayor includes attendance and participation at events designed to promote inclusiveness and acceptance then rest assured, I know I’ve done the right thing and will continue to do more.

The author below claims to be sorry that he voted for me. I do hope that he is able to find a candidate in the future who better represents his ideals. I just pray to God that such a person never gets elected!

Thanks to you and David and all involved in making the event last night so special for everyone in attendance. It was a great moment for our City.


Drew Dilkens


City of Windsor

The following is the actual email sent to Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, it has not been edited except to block out the sender’s email address.

From: [mailto: ####]

Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 10:03 PM

To: mayoro


Mr. Dilkens, I lost all respect for you and the police chief for attending that idiotic vigil for the queers shot it Orlando. I’m disgusted the city lowered their flags to half staff, no one asked me, I pay my taxes. I’m sorry I voted for you. Good shooting, Omar!


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