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Community Group Holding Second Food Drive in Response to the Continuing COVID-19 Pandemic

After the overwhelming community response and success of last year’s June 27th Miracle; community leaders, businesses, volunteers and residents are once again going to make a miracle happen. Windsor-Essex residents who are able to, are being encouraged to place at least one non-perishable food item on their doorstep at 12 p.m. for an Essex County-wide food drive. 

We can already feel the excitement and energy building, since the announcement that the June 27th Miracle is back for a second year. Volunteers are once again being asked to show their community love and support by signing up as Community Captains, Route Pick-Up Drivers, Social Media Influencers, and Sorters and Packers. The need for volunteers will also continue well after the one-day food drive.

The success of last year’s event was incredible, however it also highlighted the extraordinary need for food in our communities. That need has not diminished, and in fact, has likely increased as the pandemic continues to impact our local communities. Last year’s over 2 million pounds of food collected was depleted in some communities in less than a year.  Organizer Matt Hernandez says, “We’re going to have the organizations that want to receive donations actually register with us so that way we can prepare them, educate them, and empower them in how to actually receive these donations.” 

This event will once again bring our communities together, and bring people together, in a time when finding those opportunities to connect with one another has been challenging. This is that opportunity to feel that community connection. Volunteer, donate, put a sign on your lawn, or share our social media posts. Every single person, over 400,000 plus residents of Essex-County, can be part of this miracle, no matter how you choose to participate. 

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